Why You Should Upgrade to a Honeywell RedLINK Thermostat

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Thermostats are one of the basic components of an HVAC system, but one that most homeowners take for granted. Often, a home will have the same thermostat sitting on the wall for over a decade, remaining the same no matter the changes in the air conditioning and heating system. But thermostat technology has gone through enormous advances in only the last decade, and it may be time to replace the old model on the wall with a cutting-edge one. “But why is this so important?” you might ask. The reason is that thermostat precision helps with HVAC system performance and energy savings. Beyond that, the many new features on modern thermostats can provide huge leaps in comfort and ways to cut back on power waste. One of the best examples of this is the Honeywell RedLINK Thermostat, an advanced thermostat that offers functions and accessibility that will make drastic differences in comfort and energy use. You can contact Air Mechanical, Inc. for information about Honeywell RedLINK Thermostats in Andover, MN. We offer many different types of thermostats and can locate the ideal model for your HVAC system and your budget.

The Honywell RedLINK Thermostat

RedLINK™ is a wireless technology that Honeywell developed for their commercial and residential thermostats. It works similar to Wi-Fi, but expands on the standard Wi-Fi enabled thermostats with additional features. The RedLINK™ portal uses over 90 difference system alerts, is outfitted for zone control, contains memory logs that will track setting history, and displays outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity readings. The controls, which you can access through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, allow you to adjust staging, fan circulation, and the settings for indoor air quality. Essentially, with a RedLINK thermostat, you have both complete control over your HVAC system and access to full data from it—available from almost anywhere in the world.

Call us for Honeywell RedLINK Thermostat Installation

Although the REDLink™ Portal is easy to use, it is complex to install: you cannot purchase it off the shelf and put it in on your own. We will help you select and install the thermostat that will best improve your comfort and your energy bills. Contact the professionals at Air Mechanical, Inc. to schedule an appointment to look into your options when it comes to Honeywell RedLINK Thermostats in Andover, MN.

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