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If you are looking for a company that always has your best interest in mind with any residential heating and air conditioning or plumbing service, you’ve come to the right place. We are a team of experienced technicians who specialize in AC and heating service and installation, drain cleaning, plumbing installation, duct cleaning, and many of the services that help to keep you comfortable and healthy. Our expertise in plumbing and HVAC in Andover, MN, covers a wide range of systems and services, from routine plumbing maintenance to geothermal installation, and we provide excellent customer service no matter the size of the job.

Contact Air Mechanical, Inc. for plumbing, heating and air conditioning services and systems in Andover, MN.

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Having Plumbing Issues? We’re the Right Plumber for the Job

We are the people to call for all of your plumbing needs. From repairing garbage disposals to installing brand new water heaters and pipes, we do it all. We can also help you to safeguard your water supply from contaminants like arsenic and bacteria with a whole-home water treatment system. Or we can put a sump pump in your basement that moves water out if your home is prone to flooding. When you want fast, friendly service from professionals who know what they are doing and have plenty of plumbing experience in Andover, MN, think of us!

How to Find the Right Water Treatment

You know that the water in your plumbing system is not of the quality you would like. However, you don’t know what to do about it. Those sink filters and pitchers only filter out the water in one part of your home. Why not get a whole-home system that cleans the water throughout your plumbing system? Call the technicians at Air Mechanical, Inc. and we can perform water testing to determine if a water softener, filter, or reverse osmosis system is best for you.

Your Local Drain Cleaning Experts

We use video cameras to look inside of the drainpipe and make sure that we are employing the best methods to clean out your drains. We’ll never use harsh drain cleaning chemicals, though we may employ Bio-Clean drain treatment, one of the most effective ways to eliminate residue from the drains. We might use drain augers and snakes as well, but we’ll have to look at your drains to determine the best method.

Which Water Heaters Work Best in Andover?

The water heater you choose will mostly depend on what you and your family members need. In some households, a large tank is necessary so that multiple showers can be used at the same time in the morning. In others, small tankless units are preferable, positioned near various fixtures in the home. Or if you have a smaller household, you might only need a small tank or singular tankless unit. Find out by calling us!

Air Conditioning Services by Air Mechanical, Inc.

When you’re looking for a quality company for air conditioning repair or installation, just remember Air Mechanical, Inc.. We pride ourselves on providing a positive customer service experience with any repair, maintenance, or installation. We have experience with all types of systems, including ductless mini splits, an efficient alternative to the ducted whole-home air conditioning and heating system. As your heating and cooling contractors, we won’t try to push a system you don’t need, and you can also count on us to give you an honest assessment of your system when it needs repairs or maintenance.

Fast, Reliable Andover AC Repair Service

You can depend on our experts to show up when they say they well, diagnose an AC repair problem fairly quickly, and repair the problem in the right way. Get in touch with friendly local technicians who care that you get cool air in your home on a hot day, and that you don’t have to worry about condensate leaks or any other troubling issues that affect your home.

The Types of Heating Units We Install and Service

Andover residents need reliable heating systems sized just right for their homes, and there are a number of different systems available on the market to meet local residents’ particular heating needs. You might prefer the standard gas furnace, which uses combustion to safely and comfortably heat up the air. But a heat pump, which is an efficient heater and AC in one, is a better option for some. A boiler offers the ultimate in whole-home comfort without the need for ducts, but a ductless mini split might be the better fit for you. Talk to our experts to find your new heating system!

What Type of Furnace Should You Choose?

When you are looking for a new furnace, you might notice a lot of options. Different furnaces use different fuel sources, but that will largely depend on what your home is setup for (natural gas is typically preferable). Then, you have to find the right size (something a technician should help you with). And finally, you can choose efficient options like a variable speed blower that saves lots of money each month. Call a technician to help you decide.

How Geothermal Heating and Cooling Uses the Earth’s Heat

Dig deep enough into the ground and you’ll find that the temperature is about the same no matter the time of year. Geothermal heating and cooling systems take advantage of this fact. They use a loop system installed underground to move heat from place to place. They absorb the heat from the earth for use in the heating process. And during the summer, geothermal systems move the heat from your home back out to the earth. Call a technician to learn more or schedule installation or service in Andover, MN.

How Can You Make the Indoor Air Quality Better?

If you notice that your indoor air quality is not quite up to your standards, opening a window might help. Most of the time, however, this isn’t an option, since it can decrease the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems. The simplest way to improve your indoor air quality is to let a technician do the work for you. An air purifier, UV germicidal lights, or an air filtration system can get more contaminants out of your air than the standard home air filter.

How Air Duct Cleaning and Sealing Benefits Homes

The ducts work in a somewhat simple manner. For the most part, they are just a path for air to travel through before reaching your home. But when your ducts are full of cracks and holes, you can lose so much air that your air conditioner or heater no longer operates effectively or efficiently. Call a duct sealing specialists to get your ductwork back into shape! We provide duct cleaning and repair as well.

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