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Why Does My Air Conditioning Need An Air Filter?

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

In order for your AC to work properly, you need to make certain that all of its components are absolutely uninhibited by the buildup of dust, dirt, and other debris. The best way to do so is by keeping your air filter clean. This relatively inexpensive and small part plays a major role in the integrity and effectiveness of your cooling system. In today’s post, we’d like to explain some of the reasons why your air conditioning needs an air filter. Call the Andover, MN air conditioning experts at Air Mechanical Inc. for more information on what type of filter you should have in your home.

There are three main reasons why your AC needs an air filter: system longevity, energy efficiency, and performance. An AC is a major investment of your resources and you want it to last as long as possible. The buildup of dust and other debris can have serious effects on the the longevity of your AC, especially once they have entered into motor components, or have been caked on the coils. Any alteration of the system-wide balance of thermal transfer required by the refrigerant cycle can cause issues in areas that are themselves not affected by the buildup of debris. Energy costs are high enough as it is, but by allowing debris to infiltrate your system, you invite the risk of higher than average energy costs. For example, even a thin layer of debris covering your coils can actually prevent the heat absorption and dissipation processes enough to require more energy expenditure. Lastly, all of this affects the cooling performance of your air conditioner. In order to make certain that your AC gives you the comfort you deserve during the cooling season, it needs to be kept clean.

Make sure to keep your air filter clean at all times. Replace it about once a month during the peak cooling season to restore efficiency and performance, as well as system longevity. Call Air Mechanical Inc. today for all of your Andover, MN air conditioning needs.

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Did You Get The Right-Sized Air Conditioner?

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

There are a lot of considerations to make prior to the installation of your new air conditioning system. Not only must you determine which air conditioning system make and model best suits your budget, home, and personal cooling preferences, but you must also determine just how big your new air conditioning system must be in order to operate as efficiently and reliably as possible. If you have any doubts about whether or not your air conditioner is the right size for your home, just run it for a while. The answer will become obvious soon enough, though you may not like the results. Contact the Andover, MN air conditioning installation professionals at Air Mechanical, Inc. with any questions you have regarding the sizing of your air conditioning system.

Obviously, an air conditioner that is too small for your home is going to encounter some problems during operation. The most obvious is the fact that your home cooling system will struggle to reach temperature settings that are simply beyond its comfort zone. This means that your air conditioning system will run longer than it ought to, and in many cases still be unable to maintain comfortable temperatures. The result is a subpar air conditioning performance that actually winds up costing you more money than a great performance should. Clearly this is not the type of air conditioning experience you want.

Many homeowners fail to realize, though, that an oversized air conditioning system is no more effective. Sure, it will be able to handle the demand that you place on it. However, it will reach target temperatures too quickly, which can lead to short cycling. This means that your air conditioning system will cycle on and off more frequently than it should, which can increase the risk of damage to your system while decreasing energy efficiency. Plus, since your air conditioner should bring up temperatures at a certain rate in order to dehumidify the air adequately, your indoor air quality may suffer.

Don’t let an improperly sized air conditioning system disrupt your comfort this cooling season. Schedule your Andover, MN air conditioning installation with the qualified professionals at Air Mechanical, Inc. We can help you find the right AC for your home.

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Why Do Plumbers Need to Solder Pipe Joints?

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

If you’ve ever had a plumber in your home to do work on your copper pipes, you may have noticed them using a blowtorch to metal into the joints of the copper pipes. This is called soldering, though in the plumbing profession it is often referred to as “sweating” the pipes. Here at Air Mechanical Inc. we have years of experience offering plumbing repair and we often get asked why we need to sweat the pipe joints that we put in. Here is a quick explanation of what happens during soldering and why it’s so important.

Ham Lake, MN Plumbing Repair: What is Soldering?

The soldering process is something that should always be done by a professional with experience because it involves melting a metal paste called flux into the joints of your pipes. This requires the use of a heat source like a blowtorch. As the flux melts, it flows into the grooves of the joint and it actually bonds molecularly with the copper. Before the flux cools, your plumber will connect the pipes so that you have a tight connection.

Ham Lake, MN Plumbing Repair: Why Do Plumbers Use Solder?

While there are other sealing methods available, plumbers often sweat the joints of copper water lines to provide a good seal so that water doesn’t leak out. But like anything else, the joints in your pipes can eventually start to wear and you’ll need to call for Ham Lake, MN plumbing repair. There are a couple things that can happen to the melted flux:

  • Corrosion – The flux is susceptible to corrosion, especially when the pies are in use a lot. The flow of water over the joints can disperse the corrosion and slow it down.
  • Rust – Another common issue with flux is that it can rust. If you notice that your water is rust-colored it could be that the flux in the joints is rusting.

For all your Ham Lake, MN plumbing repair make sure that you call the experts at Air Mechanical Inc.

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Common Electrical Air Conditioning Repairs

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Your air conditioning system uses a number of very complex electrical systems in order to provide your home with cooling. There are a number of common issues that can happen with your AC’s electrical system. If you’re having any problems with your AC unit just call the friendly specialists at Air Mechanical Inc. today for Blaine, MN air conditioning repair. We wanted to put together some of the most common electrical issues that we see so that our customers can recognize issues when they happen.

Blaine, MN Air Conditioning Repair: Electrical Problems

If you start to notice any of the following issues with your air conditioning system make sure that you call for Blaine, MN air conditioning repair.

  • Air conditioning won’t start – If your AC system won’t turn on then it likely means that your home is uncomfortable and you need to call for AC repair. This problem can sometimes be caused by bad wiring in your thermostats. All that might be required in this case is for your thermostats to be replaced. However, this issue could also be something more serious like bad capacitors or a broken motor.
  • Capacitors – Your air conditioning system uses several different motors to cool your home. There is a fan motor outside, a fan motor inside, as well as a compressor motor. Each of these motors has a capacitor that stores energy and helps the motor start when you turn on your AC system. If the capacitors for the motors stop working then it means that your air conditioning won’t start. It could also mean that only one of the motors of your AC system works or that only the compressor turns on.
  • Air conditioning turning on and off – If your air conditioning system turns on and off frequently it is referred to as “short cycling”. This issue can sometimes be caused by bad thermostat wiring but it can also be caused when your air conditioning system is too large for your house. If this is the case in your home you may need to replace your air conditioning system.

If you need any Blaine, MN air conditioning repair just call the specialists at Air Mechanical Inc.

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Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

In the history of the United States, there are few days that hold such high importance as the 4th of July. We all remember baseball games, hot dogs, fireworks, ceremonies, patriotic music, and barbecues throughout the years as we’ve celebrated this special day. But we can quickly forget what our Independence Day is really about.

On this day in 1776, the second Continental Congress voted to approve the Declaration of Independence which was a written explanation of why America must be free from Great Britain. The legal separation of the two countries actually occurred on July 2, but Americans have celebrated on the 4th because that was the date on the much-publicized Declaration.

So whether you go to a ball game, watch the fireworks with family, barbecue some burgers or hoist a cold one with your friends, make sure that you take a moment to remember the sacrifice that many women and men made over 200 years ago to ensure the freedom that we cherish today.

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