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What Is an Expansion Tank?

Despite the name, an expansion tank isn’t a device you purchase when you want to add more water to your home boiler. (Unless you’ve lost water from a leak, you don’t want to add additional water to your boiler anyway.) You already have an expansion tank on your boiler: it’s one of the most crucial parts of your boiler’s regular operation. Expansion tanks are an important part of any closed water heating system in use today.

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How Does a Boiler Work?

Boilers have a lengthy history as popular home heating options. With continual advancements in their technology, they will likely provide many more decades of service to homeowners who want efficient and dependable heat for the winter. Our Air Mechanical Inc technicians perform numerous boiler installations, and we’re accustomed to advising clients about why installing a boiler in Ham Lake, MN is often an excellent idea. Our customers are usually curious during the process: they want to know how a boiler operates, since they often haven’t put much thought into it.

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Common Types of Boiler Leaks

If you own a boiler in Andover, you understand the need to get it repaired quickly at the first sign of trouble. Our winters are as harsh as they come, and without reliable heating, your home will soon resemble an ice box. A boiler that springs a leak won’t be able to do its job, and you need to contact a service professional to see about repairing the leak as soon as you notice one. Common types of boiler leaks can include but are not limited to the following ...

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What’s So Special About Heat Pumps?

You may have heard about heat pumps as an option for retro-fitting the heating system in your home, or as an option for a new home. If you’ve spent most of your life getting warmth from furnaces or boilers during the winter, you may feel hesitant about making the heat pump a serious option. However, they are growing in popularity in modern homes, so if heater installation is on the horizon for you, you should definitely consider the advantages of installing a heat pump.

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