3 Facts About Air Purifiers

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Breathing isn't something you think much about; but if you knew that the air in your home is packed with particles such as dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses, you might think twice about taking a deep breath when you are relaxing at home.

Fortunately, there is a way to reduce these particulates or VOC's (volatile organic compounds) making the air you breath inside your home much healthier. With the help of an air purification system or an air purifier, you can reduce the re-circulation of those unwanted contaminants that are naturally present in the air supply inside your home. AMi's technical staff offers you 3 key facts about Air Purification systems and how they increase the indoor air quality of your home.

What You Should Know About Air Purifiers

Air purifiers in Andover, MN are effective systems to improve your home's indoor air quality, along with your comfort and your health. Here are some facts about these systems and what makes them such a great addition to your home's hvac system.

  1. They work with your hvac system and ductwork that runs throughout your home. Unlike a portable purifier, a whole-home air purifier is going to be installed as a part of your ductwork and HVAC system. This means it will work in tandem with your air conditioning and heating system and will purify the air passing through the ducts, continually. Whole Home Air Purification Systems capture and kill VOCs, allergens, dust and dander before these unhealthy elements can be recirculated back into your home. Note: Optimal purification occurs when your furnace fan is set to auto or on to continuously circulate your air through the system.
  2. They operate using UV light or electricity. Purifiers operate a couple of different ways. One type of purifier uses electricity to charge the particles passing through the ductwork and draw them to a charged plate where they are held until the plate is cleaned or filtered. The other type of purifier uses ultraviolet light to either kill the airborne particles or make it impossible for them to reproduce--specifically a great thing to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. These work best with a filtration system.
  3. They can help prevent allergies and sickness. Killing and capturing VOCs with an Air Purification system increases the quality of your indoor air. Your purifier is going to capture and kill particulates like allergens (think pollen and mold spores), viruses, and bacteria. This means that by adding a purifier to your home's system, you are helping to reduce the chances of allergic reactions and illness caused by particles that might otherwise circulate continually throughout your home through your ductwork.

Looking to Add a Purifier to Your Home?

If you are interested in adding a purification system to your home to help your comfort and your indoor air quality, we are happy to help. There are many options available in several prices ranges. Our technical team can help you select the one that is best for your healthy indoor air.

We provide installation services to air purifiers in homes and businesses in Andover and the surrounding areas. Our technical team can recommend, design and install the best system for you. Our AMi trusted team of experts knows ductwork, indoor air quality and clean air solutions!

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