3 Tips for Reducing Bathroom Plumbing Issues

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Bathroom plumbing issues are the last thing you want to have to deal with in your home. If sewage backs up through your drains or if there is a sudden leak from your shower, you may have to drop everything just to schedule repairs. Take these preventive steps if you want to lower the chances that something will go wrong with your bathroom plumbing, so your bathroom will remain a place where you can relax and prepare for the day.

Avoid drain cleaning chemicals

A major drain clog can be a huge inconvenience, and you probably want the problem solved fast. But we strongly recommend against going out and purchasing the drain cleaning chemicals sold on shelves. These chemicals are toxic, and exposure to the eyes or sin may result in injury. They are also acidic and can wear away the lining of the pipes. Use a plunger first, then call a plumber for professional drain cleaning services (which can also help to prevent future clogs).

Reduce pressure on the fixtures

Many homeowners hang shower organizers directly on the showerhead, which help to keep shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and loofas organized. But putting too much pressure on the fixtures in your bathroom could lead to leaks. Don’t pull or push down too hard on your sink and shower handles, and mount shower organizers above the showerhead.

Add in a drain cover

Whenever possible, you should keep objects out of the drain, but one thing that is bound to drain at some point is hair. Hair is one of the main sources of bathroom drain clogs. A relatively inexpensive drain cover catches hair before it goes into the drain, so that you can collect it and throw it in the trash after each shower. Call the friendly professional plumbers at Air Mechanical, Inc. for any plumbing repairs you may need or for professional advice in the Andover, MN area.

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