5 Ways To Tell You Need Water Heater Repairs

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We've all watched those scenes in movies or television where an unsuspecting individual is enjoying a warm shower only to be assaulted with a deluge of icy cold water. In some cases, it is thanks to the mischief of a kid or spouse who flushes the toilet knowing this will interrupt the flow of warm water to the one taking the shower. In other cases, however, this can be a sign of an issue with their water heater.

We are pretty confident that none of us want to be the one to experience that flood of cold water when we least expect it. An issue with your water heater is going to significantly increase the chances of this happening though. How do you protect yourself? Your best defense: know the signs that something is up with your water heater so you can reach out to us to get it fixed ASAP.

5 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Water Heater

A complete halt on all hot water in your home is actually a somewhat late sign that your water heater is in trouble and needs repairs. It will usually exhibit additional indicators that tell you it is time to call in a pro. Here are some of the warning signs you should watch for:

  1. Your energy bills are spiking. You may be surprised to learn that your water heater accounts for 17% of your home energy use. This means that big spikes in your energy bill that don't coincide with HVAC issues may indicate problems in your water heater. Make sure to have a pro examine your system if you start seeing inexplicably high energy bills.
  2. Your system is making odd noises. Your water heater is going to make a bit of noise when it runs regularly. Loud, new noises are cause for concern though. Never ignore sounds like hissing, bubbling, rumbling, or a high-pitch whistle known as kettling. Sounds like these are indicators of trouble.
  3. Your notice water that tastes or smells bad. When you run your hot water taps in your home, do you notice a distinctly metallic taste or smell? This may mean something is wrong with your water heater or that there is too much sediment in your system.
  4. Water pressure is weaker than normal. Sometimes the temperature of the water isn't the only problem, the water pressure is too. If there is a leak in your system or build-up in your pipes, it can reduce water pressure and lead to additional issues with your water heater.
  5. Hot water only lasts a short while. Last but not least, hot water that can be described as "fleeting" at best isn't normal. This doesn't mean that your water heater only creates a few minutes worth of hot water. What it means is something is messing with the process of creating and keeping up hot water!

If you need water heater repairs or any other services for your home plumbing in Maple Grove, MN, make sure to turn to a reliable team of professionals like us. We will always get the job done right.

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