Duct Cleaning: What Kind of Air Pollutants Are In Your Air?

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No one likes to waste energy in their homes which is why most modern homes are built to minimize the loss of energy by sealing them up very tightly. While this is terrific for the efficiency of your home, the lack of ventilation can allow indoor air contaminants to build up in your home, and especially in your ducts. At Air Mechanical, we provide complete indoor air quality services including duct cleaning in Andover, MN. We want to alert our customers to some of the common air contaminants that can build up in their homes and stay in your ducts continuously circulating around in the air. Call the Andover, MN duct cleaning experts at Air Mechanical to schedule service today.

Dust and Dust Mites

As you may know, dust is mostly comprised of dead skin cells. When the air dries out it can increase the amount of dust in your home. Dust mites are very small insects that are in every home. The dust mite droppings can dry up and can actually enter the air. These droppings are triggers for many people with allergies.

Pollen and Pet Dander

Pollen is a huge allergen that is often tied to seasons. If anyone in your family suffers from seasonal allergies then you know how uncomfortable it can be. Pet dander is another allergen that many people are sensitive to. Dogs, cats, birds and other common household pets can shed and increase the amount of pet dander in the air. If you’re interested in learning more about duct cleaning services to help decrease the impact of these air pollutants in your home, call the friendly Andover, MN air duct cleaning technicians at Air Mechanical.

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