Water Filtration FAQ: How Do I Know If I Need a Water Testing Service?

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The water supply in the Blaine area comes from many different sources. The municipal water sources are routinely checked for mineral, ion, and metal levels. But that doesn't mean it's completely free of contaminants that can affect its taste or cause health problems for some people.

Water Testing Benefits

Air Mechanical provides complete water testing services for home water supplies. We will analyze your water for minerals, salts, ions, metals, nitrates, carcinogens, and all other potentially harmful contaminants. We will explain the results and consult with you about the best way to clean you water, if necessary. Ground water may contain harmful metals such as arsenic, and toxic chemicals from pesticides and agricultural runoff, such as nitrates and nitrites, and this can get into some systems accidentally. Our high quality testing services can detect even small amounts of these substances in your water. If you need a specialty cartridge to remove these contaminants from your water supply, we can set it up for you and explain how it works. At Air Mechanical, we're serious about water quality. We want you to have the peace of mind that the water you and your family are consuming is as safe as can be. Here are the types of water tests available and when you should request one.

Types of Water Tests

We recommend that you get your water tested every 12 to 24 months. We will check for acidity, bacteria and other microorganisms, and levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) which includes most of the common chemical contaminants found in municipal water supplies and wells. Water quality testing is particularly important if you or a neighbor recently had construction on your property that could have disturbed the underground piping. Even if previous tests have shown that your water is safe, you should have it checked periodically. Water sources change over time, and minerals, metals, and toxic chemicals can enter the water supply from runoff and storm water. Clean water is essential to good living. Having your water tested can give you the peace of mind that you and your family aren't being exposed to contaminants that can build up in the body and cause health effects over time. Call Air Mechanical today, and we'll explain the full range of our Blaine water testing and water purification services.

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