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You should be able to use your air conditioner on a regular basis without trouble. But that doesn't mean that it should cause a ruckus. A noisy air conditioner is going to be one that, while it may be operating now, is in need of help.

When your AC unit starts to create some concerning noises, you shouldn't ignore them. Of course, with some of the sounds you may hear, it will be near impossible to ignore them anyway!

Check out this list of common concerning sounds that your system might make that indicate it needs AC repair in Plymouth, MN.

Noises No Air Conditioner Should Make

I know the air conditioner is a system that is trying to call for help. Make sure to take note of the noises that your air conditioner is making so you can get repairs in a timely manner. Here are some of the noises you might hear that indicate your AC needs some extra assistance.

  • Screeching: This is an annoying and hard to ignore noise that can actually be a good thing. Wanting it to stop is going to prompt you to address the issue a lot more quickly! Screeching is often caused by metal scraping against metal such as when a fan blade comes loose and is scraping around its housing or when the blower motor belt needs lubricant.
  • Hissing or bubbling: You might hear one of these noises or you might hear both of them. In either case, they are an indicator of an issue in the same general part of your air conditioner--the refrigerant line. Hissing indicates that there is gaseous refrigerant escaping from a leak in your air conditioner. Meanwhile, bubbling indicates that there is a leak in the part of the refrigerant line where things are still in a liquid state and air is getting into the line. Hearing either of these noises should prompt a quick call to a technician.
  • Rattling: This is going to be a relatively common sound that almost everyone encounters. This is because it is an indicator that something within your system is starting to come loose. Whether it be a bolt or screw or something else coming loose, you will want to address the noise sooner than later. Leaving it untouched is only going to allow it to escalate.
  • Clanging: Did you have a rattling sound that you tried to get around taking care of? This may be the sound you start hearing next because that loose part will eventually break free and start bouncing around inside your AC where it can, and will, cause a lot more damage.

If your air conditioner has begun to make any of the above-listed sounds your best course of action is going to be to turn off your conditioner and call in the pros. You can come to our team to get your noisy air conditioner diagnosed and fixed in short order.

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