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Your home is full of complex systems that are hard to keep up to date and fully functioning. Air Mechanical, Inc. is here to help with keeping these systems fully functioning. We provide quality heating, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing services in Plymouth, MN. Whether it be a simple AC repair service, or a completely new HVAC system installation, Air Mechanical, Inc. is there to help. Contact our team today to schedule plumbing, air conditioning, heating or electrical services in Plymouth, MN.

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Your Trusted Plymouth, MN Plumbers

Here in Plymouth, MN, we get used to being self-sufficient. Our winters are harsh and the notion of a repair service coming out in the dead of winter can be less than appealing. But when it comes to plumbing, you should always trust a professional plumber like the ones at Air Mechanical, Inc.. Otherwise, you could make the problem worse, adding new costs and possibly further damaging your plumbing in the bargain. We offer 24-hour service, day or night, and we’re always ready to go, so give us a call today!

  • Water Treatment Systems: Hard water is the term that describes water with a high mineral content (usually calcium or magnesium). It’s not harmful-you can drink it just fine-but it does lend the water a strange metallic taste, as well as being rough on laundry loads and leading to that crusty white build-up on your shower heads. A water testing service can determine whether you have hard water, and a water softener can fix the problem right!
  • Drain Cleaning Services: Do-it-yourselfers can use store-bought drain snakes or cleaners to deal with clogs in their drains, but to solve the issue properly, you need a professional plumber to provide you with drain cleaning services. With mechanical snakes, rotating heads, hydro jetting and similar tools at their disposal, good plumbing services can clear out your clogs the right way, leaving your kitchen or bathroom sink ready for whatever your family can throw at it!
  • Water Heaters: Your water heater tends to do its job silently, which means that trouble has a tendency to sneak up on you. You can catch those issues before they get out of hand with annual maintenance from a trained plumber. He or she can replace the anode rod, clean out sediment in the tank, and otherwise ensure that your heater is functioning exactly as it should!

Air Conditioning in Plymouth, MN

Here in Plymouth, MN, our summers are too hot and muggy to take a chance with a dodgy air conditioning installation. If you’re having a new unit put in, trust a service that uses top-notch parts and ensures that everything is exactly where it should be before turning on the system. That way, your new air conditioner will do the job it’s supposed to without using unnecessary energy, and your family can enjoy cool air without worrying about a breakdown. Call Air Mechanical, Inc. today to find out more!

  • AC Repair: In the summertime, you can’t afford to go even one day without reliable air conditioning. If you spot the signs that your air conditioning system needs repairs-strange noises, unexpectedly high bills, low air flow, or a lack of cool air-then make an appointment quickly with a qualified repair service! That gives you the flexibility to respond before a breakdown occurs, without having to scramble. Give us a call to schedule air conditioning repair in Plymouth, MN.
  • Air Conditioning Installation: When you’re ready to install a new air conditioner in your Plymouth, MN home, make sure to work with our team. We consider the size and needs of your space to install an air conditioning system that will be effecient and effective. Call our team today to request an estimate on air conditioning installation in Plymouth, MN.

Heating systems

Heating systems are an absolute necessity in Plymouth, MN. Our winters are too cold and last too long for anything else to be acceptable. That’s why you need a service that handles all aspects of your heater’s life. A service like Air Mechanical, Inc.. It starts with quality installation of a new system, using top-notch components and the kind of know-how that comes from experience. It continues with regular maintenance at the beginning and end of the heating season each year, and repairs for those times when maintenance can’t quite do the job. We’re there for you no matter what you need!

Furnace services

Once your furnace  is installed, you’ll want to schedule a regular maintenance session for it at the beginning and end of heating season each year. By replacing worn components like bolts, cleaning off dusty parts and the like, the technician allows your system to function at its most efficient, while getting an early jump on larger repairs.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

The benefits of a geothermal system-which uses liquid pumped through tubes beneath the ground to pull the energy you need to heat or cool your home-include environmental friendliness that can be tough to beat. Because the power used to heat and cool your home is an infinitely renewable resource-the temperature of the Earth itself never changes once you get more than a few feet down-you only pay for the electricity required to run the pump and a few other components. Here in Plymouth, MN, it makes for a very green system!

Indoor Air Quality

Whether you realize it or not the indoor air quality in your home may not be up to par. provides quality indoor air quality services inlcuding humidifier & dehumidifier services, and we also service air cleaners, filters and purifiers. Make sure to give us a call to schedule an indoor air quality serivce in Plymouth, MN or the surrounding areas.

electricians you can trust

Is your home’s electrical system protected? Perhaps you’ve updated your electrical panel to accommodate the many electronic devices and appliances you own. Maybe you’ve also ensured that your household is equipped with GFCI outlets where necessary. These are all good steps to take-but what about whole-house surge protection? To truly protect your electronics-which can degrade over time due to repetitive surges, ask about this product today!

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