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Ductless air conditioning systems have become a go-to choice for homeowners looking to avoid the hassle and potential issues that can come with installing ductwork. Ductless mini split systems are very reliable and offer many benefits, but they are no more perfect than any other HVAC system. Ductless air conditioning systems can experience faults and breakdowns. In this post, we will outline some common warning signs of ductless issues. Do not delay the inspection and maintenance of your ductless system, and let us handle your ductless air conditioning repair in Andover.

Ice Buildup

If you notice ice buildup on the evaporator coil (present in the indoor unit), you should immediately call a professional before it results in permanent damage to your ductless system. The ice formation essentially happens when condensation accumulates on dirty evaporator coils. Excessive frosting on the coil diminishes its ability to absorb hot indoor air and can permanently damage the coil as well. If you don’t want your ductless unit to lose its cooling ability and spend on evaporator coil replacement, keep its air filter clean. If they are not washable, replace them within the prescribed time (usually one-three months).

Gradually Diminishing Cooling Output

If the cooling output of your ductless system is dropping gradually, don’t ignore it as an overload and keep on expecting that it will automatically get back to its optimal output. The slow drop in cooling output is a telltale sign that your ductless system has developed a refrigerant leak. Call us right away and get it fixed. We will identify and repair the leak and recharge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant.

Grinding and Growling Sounds

The grinding and growling noise indicates that bearings in the motor of your ductless system have worn down. Instead of putting up with those irritating sounds and waiting for the motor to come to a standstill, have it inspected and repaired right away and protect yourself from hefty repair / replacement needs.

Mounting Energy Bills

If you notice a significant uptick in your energy bills even when there is no change in the way you use your system, you should consider getting your ductless system inspected. From dirty and clogged outer units to a faulty thermostat and lack of indoor unit servicing, the efficiency of a ductless AC can drop for various reasons. This efficiency drop subsequently translates into high power consumption and hefty utility bills. A thorough inspection by a seasoned AC technician can let you know if a poorly performing ductless system is the reason for higher energy bills.

Inconsistent Performance

Don’t shrug away the inconsistent performance of your ductless system by calling it the ups and downs of the weather. A ductless AC that continues to deliver an inconsistent performance is not due to temperature fluctuations of the surroundings. The flickering performance suggests that there is some underlying fault. Before that fault materializes into irreversible damage to your ductless system, call professionals to inspect and repair it. Air Mechanical, Inc. is a reliable name for plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and electrical services in Plymouth, MN. Our experts can thoroughly inspect, service, and fix all sorts of ducted and ductless systems.

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