Drain Cleaners Aren’t Your Friend! Here’s Why.

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"Gurgle, gurgle gurgle."

Ugh, the kitchen sink is clogged again! Go get the drain cleaner, right?

But wait, how many times this year have you had to dump that toxic liquid down the same drain only to have the results turn out to be temporary? This isn't because your drain is just a strange piece of plumbing. Instead, you can actually blame this repetitious issue on that bottle of drain cleaner.

Believe it or not, drain cleaners aren't effective ways to clear a clog in your pipes. And when you do use them to try to accomplish this feat, they can end up doing more harm than good.

When it comes to dealing with a stubborn drain clog, you should always reach out to a professional Plymouth plumber for assistance. And here is why.

Drain Cleaning Fluid Does More Harm Than Good

It can seem counterintuitive to think of drain cleaners as harmful. If they are that bad, why have them in stores? The same reason that bleach is sold in stores—these liquids present a solution to a problem. We all know that prolonged exposure to bleach fumes can be bad for us though. A lot of us just don't realize the same fact applies to drain cleaning fluid.

On top of the potential health risks attached to drain cleaners, these store-bought liquids often don't get the job done. Even worse, they can harm your drains because the chemicals in them erode away at the interiors of your plumbing. Talk about ineffective solutions!

Effective Ways to Combat Clogs

If drain cleaning fluid isn't a good idea, then how should people deal with a clog? We have the answers for you.

  1. Plunger: It is a little old-fashioned but this solution has been around for a long time because it is an effective answer. A plunger uses pressure to break the clog apart so it will wash away.
  2. Drain Snake: This is a long metal cord that is lowered into the drain and drills into the clog. This either breaks the clog apart or allows it to be pulled out.
  3. Professional services: Calling a professional is going to be the most effective method as a trained plumber will have powerful solutions, such as hydro jets, on hand to take care of the clog.

It Helps to Have a Pro

No amount of boiling water and baking soda poured down the drain will fully save you from encountering a clog. And when this happens, it is good to know what your options are to effectively deal with this issue.

When you work with a professional plumber, the solutions they provide not only deal with the immediate clog, but also help prevent clogs from occurring anytime in the near future. This is because the services they offer, such as drain cleaning, are specifically set up to both solve and prevent these problems.

Don't wait for a clog to take over your day. Reach out to the team at Air Mechanical Inc. now to set up your next plumbing appointment.

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