How Furnace Tune-Ups Protect You

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Many people in our area have furnaces heating their homes. They are durable, and today’s models are highly efficient, which may lead many of us to believe they are relatively safe and secure most of the time. Unfortunately, however, furnace problems can develop over time. Make sure you get your annual furnace tune-up as soon as possible, so that you’re protected throughout the winter. Here are two big reasons to consider this professional service.

You Know that Your Home Is Safe

When you have a furnace that seems to be working smoothly, it’s hard to believe there could be a problem hidden within. But something like a carbon monoxide leak likely will not actually stop the furnace from working properly in every other way. Annual professional furnace tune-ups include an inspection for performance, efficiency, and safety. Technicians will check to see that the furnace is operating smoothly and that no parts are in need of repair. But they will also look for common safety issues, such as a cracked heat exchanger that could allow for carbon monoxide leaks. And this is important since carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that gives off no odor.

You Don’t Have to Worry about Sudden System Failures

When you have a furnace tune-up completed once each year, you don’t have to worry about it failing when you need it most. While there are some exceptions, most furnaces that receive an annual tune-up—and have any necessary repair work completed before winter—are unlikely to fail during those coldest of months. If your furnace breaks down in the middle of the coldest day or night, you have to pay extra for emergency service. And the people in your home are uncomfortable, to say the least. It could even lead to frozen pipes and other issues around the home. Get your furnace fine-tuned for better performance and efficiency.

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