Keep Snow and Ice Away from Outside Vents

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Love it or hate it, we are no strangers to snow in Minnesota. Most likely, you run your heater throughout the day for much of the colder season. And today’s heaters are built to withstand all this work durably and safely. However, there are some things that can interfere with how the heater works. It is meant to exhaust byproducts through the outdoors via a chimney or flue vent that vents through an outside wall. However, snow and ice could block this pipe if the weather is severe enough, and you must check from time to time and clear it out.

Your Heater May Not Work

The first concern about snow and ice blocking the outdoor vents is for your comfort. Blocked vents may activate a safety switch that shuts off your heater. You should always call in a technician if this is the case, as clearing the vents might not be enough to resolve the problem (and there could be further safety issues in play). Of course, a bigger concern is if your safety switch does not kick in.

Your Safety May Be at Risk

More troublesome than the risk to your comfort is the risk to your safety. It is possible that a safety switch will fail to detect if your system is not venting properly. And if this is the case, the byproducts of combustion could make their way back into your home. Remember, carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that you will not necessarily notice leaking into your home. If this gets into your living space, the danger is serious. Have carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, and check outdoor vents to see if ice and snow may be affecting them. Blocked vents may also be a fire risk. Checking the vents saves lives. Clear them out, or ask local technicians what you can do to resolve the situation in the long term. Air Mechanical, Inc. offers heating service in Andover, MN. Call us for great service from trustworthy technicians or for more helpful advice.

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