Top 3 Reasons You May Need a Professional Plumber

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professional plumber doing reparation in kitchen home.It’s very likely that as a homeowner, you’re used to dealing with minor household troubles on your own, and that could easily extend to your plumbing systems. There’s no doubt that at one time or another you’ve had to unclog a toilet with a little elbow grease and plunger, or needed to fish a hair clog out of a drain or two. This can lead many well-meaning DIY-enthusiasts to attempt more ambitious plumbing repairs. In most cases, however, this can end up being a terrible mistake. Formal plumbing repairs require the right amount of training and proper licensing to perform properly, and even seemingly simple fixes like stubborn clogs can benefit from a professional’s attention. In fact, your efforts to save money by handling plumbing repairs on your own can actually end up costing you more in the long run. Here are the top 3 reasons you should resist the urge to self-diagnose and self-repair, and instead call a professional plumber.

1. Access to Better Equipment

It’s true—store bought plumbing solutions are affordable, and “treat” a wide range of plumbing problems. But, this typically means that they utilize half-measures. That is, while they provide a temporary band-aid for the problem at hand, they do not thoroughly resolve the situation. So, the same issue is likely to crop up again a short while later. Take chemical drain cleaners, for instance. Sure, they “get rid” of a clog, but did you know they actually can build up within your system and create clogs too? Not only that, the chemicals in these store bought cleaners are corrosive, and can eat away an your plumbing, resulting in a costly repair or pipe replacement when you could have called on a plumber with access to the tools to effectively remove a clog and prevent it from occurring again.

2. Proper Training

Laymen plumbers lack the formal training that our professional plumbers undergo in order to obtain a license. Similarly, most homeowners or amateur handymen lack experience with any given plumbing issue. As a result, they can struggle to correct the problem, and struggle to correctly identify the source of the problem to begin with. This can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort, at best, and may even create more damage to your plumbing system, at worst. However, if you hire a professional with the right state licensing, then you’ve ensured that they know how to properly diagnose and repair a wide variety of plumbing problems. This kind of training, along with the experience of dealing with problems similar to yours on a weekly basis, ensures an effective and accurate repair session.

3. Insurance

One of the biggest problems there is with attempting plumbing services on your own is that you are left on the hook for any additional damage that might occur during repairs. If something goes wrong, or you didn’t accurately assess the problem to start, it can end up costing you far more than you thought it was going to. On the other hand, a licensed and bonded plumber has the proper insurance, meaning that your home is covered in the event that the unexpected happens. Most quality plumbers provide estimates in advance too, so you know how hard of a hit your wallet is going to take—or you might be pleasantly surprised to find out the repairs aren’t going to be as costly as you thought. You can’t get this peace of mind without an experienced plumber handling your repairs.

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