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Here at Air Mechanical, Inc., our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction! As a Bryant Factory Authorized dealer, we are held to a higher standard of service than many of competitors. We meet that standard time and time again, with every job that we complete, as any of our satisfied customers can attest to. We also offer free estimates on equipment installations, so that you can plan your budget accordingly, and our live operators are here to assist you 365 days of the year, should emergency services be needed. Contact us any time for exceptional plumbing and HVAC services in Coon Rapids, MN.

Air Mechanical, Inc. provides a full range of services for plumbing, air conditioning, and heating systems in Coon Rapids, MN. Call today to set up an appointment with one of our technicians.

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Contact Us When You Need a Professional Plumber in Coon Rapids, MN

Your plumbing system is something that you depend upon each and every day, probably in ways that you don’t even really stop to think about. It is your plumbing system that delivers potable water throughout your entire home, and which disposes of that water hygienically and conveniently once you are done with it. Let us handle your plumbing services, so that you get the best performance that your system has to offer.

Water Treatment Systems can Boost Your Water Quality

It would be great if we could guarantee that the water coming from your taps is of the highest possible quality, but our plumbers are far too honest to make promises that they cannot keep. In truth, you may well need a water treatment system in order to achieve the level of water quality that you deserve. We have many to offer, such as water softeners, and we can complete your water testing services, as well.

We Are Here to Meet Your Drain Cleaning Needs

Before you pour a chemical drain cleaner down your sink, or attempt to auger out your drains on your own, stop and think about your past successes-or lack thereof. You shouldn’t be encountering problems with clogged or blocked drains very frequently. By allowing a skilled professional to complete your drain cleaning services, you can minimize any such occurrences.

Keep Your Water Heater in Prime Working Condition

If you need a brand new water heater in Coon Rapids, MN, or if you require water heater repairs ASAP, you need only dial our number. Your water heater is in use far too much to take any risks with the quality of its operation, or with its overall integrity. Not only will we complete your water heater installation with the greatest of care, but we are also here to handle any water heater repairs and routine maintenance services that you may require.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning with Our Fine Technicians

Summer is a great time of the year, but it is a lot harder to enjoy if you don’t have a cool, comfortable home to return to at the end of the day. That is why you should schedule all of your air conditioning services with our staff. Not only do we offer a number of great cooling systems for installation, but we also know what it takes to keep your system working as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Trust Us with Your Air Conditioning Repairs!

As great as your AC may be, the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a 100% reliable mechanical system. It is very unlikely that your air conditioner will prove to be the exception to this rule. When you are in need of air conditioning repairs, know that our technicians are available to ensure that the job is completed properly every step of the way.

A Great Heating System Is a Necessity, Not an Option

Our winter weather is famously trying in this part of the country, and you really need to have a great heater in Coon Rapids, MN if you plan on making it through the coldest time of the year comfortably. Not only must you invest in a heating system of a high quality, but you must also know that you are using a system matching your particular needs and user preferences. Schedule your heating services with us to ensure that you have the right heater properly installed in your home.

A Furnace Is Always an Option to Consider

With a furnace, you can heat air directly and then distribute that heated air throughout your home. This is a very effective and prompt manner of cooling one’s home, and can also be very efficient, provided that the furnace is properly sized and correctly serviced. You’ll have no doubt about that when you put your furnace in our hands.

Why Choose Geothermal Heating and Cooling?

There is plenty of heat stored in the ground, so why not make use of that heat in order to warm your home in a very effect, yet highly efficient, manner? And what if you could use the very same equipment in order to remove heat from the air in your home during the summer, sinking it into the ground in order to cool your living space? All of this is possible with the use of a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Let Us Help You to Heighten Your Indoor Air Quality

While temperature maintenance is undoubtedly an important part of keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, it is not the whole picture. You must also maintain great indoor air quality in your home, which will also help you to live in a more healthful environment. There are a lot of factors that may converge and drag down your indoor air quality, but we have the products and services that you need to overcome any such issues.

Schedule Your Duct Cleaning and Duct Sealing Services with Us

Your air ducts are responsible for distributing conditioned air throughout your entire home. If they are leaking or are dirty within, though, they may also distribute pollutants throughout your home, decimating your indoor air quality. Fortunately for you, we offer great duct cleaning and duct sealing services, designed to resolve precisely such problems. 

We are your Coon Rapids, MN Electricians

When it comes to having electrical work done in your home, the most important factor to remember is that jobs of this nature require the training and experience that only professional electricians possess. It’s essential that you work with educated professionals who will be with you through all the steps involved in a proper and safe electrical job.

Is it Time to Schedule an Electrical Inspection?

Do you have lights that frequently flicker or dim? Or perhaps you’ve noticed switches and outlets throughout your living space that are hot to the touch, and hear buzzing coming from light fixtures and behind walls. These are all signs that you potentially need electrical repair services, and at the very least need to schedule a professional electrical inspection. Our professionals will get to the bottom of your electrical issues!

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