Heating Tip: Does Humidity Affect Heating Efficiency?

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Are you in need of a indoor air quality service? Call the Ramsey heating experts at Air Mechanical. We can help you choose the right indoor air quality system for your home and situation. Humidity and moisture control issues do affect heating efficiency, as well as the efficiency of your AC system in the summer. Here’s how too much or too little humidity in the air can affect your heating system. If the air inside your home is too dry due to the heater drying it out, then you should consider a whole-home humidifier. Dry air can cause dry skin and other health concerns, and it can also increase your heating bills without you realizing it. Dry air also feels colder, so many homeowners crank up the thermostat unnecessarily. Adding room humidifiers can actually add too much moisture to a certain area, and they only cover that room. A whole-house humidifier will add moisture back to the air inside your entire home and will also add just enough and not too much moisture. If there’s too much moisture, then it promotes mold growth and other moisture problems. Make sure your home has adequate ventilation, insulation, and sealing to ensure better indoor air quality overall. When you start to notice dry air, too much moisture, or high heating bills, call a Ramsey heating contractor. Be sure to call the  Ramsey indoor air quality experts at Air Mechanical to help you out with all your humidity control needsContact Air Mechanical today!

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