Signs You Have a Leak

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Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, it is never a good thing when you walk into a room and discover the presence of a leak. It might be water dripping from the ceiling or pouring out from under your sink. It could even be realizing that your carpet is wet and soggy. The fact is that however you discover that leak you can't ignore it.

If you have a leak anywhere in your home the best situation is to catch it before it gets worse and starts causing serious damage to your home. But how can you pinpoint and issue that, in most cases, isn't readily visible? We have some pointers for warning signs to look for so you can reach out for assistance with your plumbing in Maple Grove, MN before you have a big issue.

How to Tell You Have a Leak

So, we all know that it can be easy to say, "I have a leak in my house," when there is a big puddle of standing water right in front of you. But the question is how do you catch a leak before it reaches this stage? Here are some earlier warning signs to watch for:

  • There is water-running with nowhere to go. Do you hear water running in the pipes through your home but there are no appliances using it? If the showers, taps, and toilets are all sitting unused but your pipes and pumping water somewhere, it is likely you have a leak causing a constant demand.
  • Your water meter seems over-zealous. Go outside and check your water meter. Unless someone is using a faucet, shower, or other water-based appliance, your water meter shouldn't be active. If it seems like your water meter just never wants to rest however, it could be due to a leak.
  • Your water bills are spiking. Do you like in a home where your water demands are reasonable, if not conservative, but your bills are reflecting something akin to a water park? Don't ignore this! It is likely that a leak is causing this spike in your monthly dues.
  • Water pressure is getting weaker. When you turn on the shower or a faucet is the water pressure what you would usually expect? Or is it weaker than normal? Low water pressure can often be caused by a leak in the pipe feeding this appliance.
  • Is that mildew you smell? Sometimes you don't get a puddle on your floor before a leak has a chance to create the perfect situation for mold and mildew. Don't brush off the scent of a moldy or mildew room--contact a plumber to check things out.

A leak, even a small one, is never going to remain a small problem. The sooner you catch a leak and get it repaired the better. We can help you with leak detection and repair provided by a professional plumber.

Don't hesitate! If you notice any of the indicators listed above, contact Air Mechanical, Inc. to schedule an appointment.

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