Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

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Access to a reliable source of hot water makes a positive difference in our day-to-day lives. Hot water allows us to more effectively wash our dishes and our hands; showering with hot water is also a lot more pleasant that bathing with icy water, especially during winter!

It is easy to see that hot water heaters are vital to the modern household--they are certainly more effective than heating up individual buckets and transporting them to the tub! With this in mind, it is easy to understand why encountering problems with your water heater should prompt a quick response to your friendly, local plumber at Air Mechanical, Inc. for repairs.

A Guide to When Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

If your water heater is having problems providing reliable hot water to your home when it is needed, the sooner the root cause is figured out and fixed, the better it will be for your comfort and your wallet.

To help, we've created a quick guide to assist you in the effort to figure out when you need to reach out for a water heater repair.

5 Indicators Your Water Heater Needs Help

  1. The water temperature fluctuates. If your hot water temperature fluctuates between hot, warm, lukewarm, and cold), it means your system is struggling to keep the water at the right temperature, usually meaning the heating elements are on the fritz.
  2. The warm water is rust-colored. When you turn on the hot water tap, is the water coming out discolored? If so this indicates a build-up of sediment within your system that needs to be cleared out ASAP.
  3. You are hearing rumbling or kettling noises. Both rumbling and kettling noises are a sign that your hot water heater is struggling with a build-up of minerals and sediment in the tank or its pipes. The sooner this is cleared the better.
  4. Your water and energy bills are spiking. Hot water shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. If your energy and water bills are making you sweat, it is likely an indicator that you should have your system checked for problems.
  5. Hot water disappears too quickly. Settling in for a nice warm shower is a lot less enjoyable if the hot water runs out after just a few minutes. While keeping showers short is a good practice, it should be your choice, not your shower's! This is another sign your hot water heater is having issues creating hot water and needs repairs.

Do any of the indicators listed above sound familiar? If so, it means that your water heater is probably going to need a repair service pretty soon. Our suggestion is, of course, going to be that you get this done as soon as you can to reduce lost cash, reduced lifespan, and discomfort. Instead, schedule your repairs ASAP to get back to enjoying regular warm water when you want it again.

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