The Benefits of Drain Cleaning

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If the water taking longer than usual to flow down the drain or there is a smell in your kitchen or bathroom, chances are that your drain might need some cleaning! Don’t procrastinate cleaning your drain because this can lead to even bigger, costlier problems.

Here are some benefits of efficient and timely drain cleaning:

No Foul Smells!

Most of the blockage in your drains is caused by organic buildup, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. These microorganisms create a strong, foul smell that can eventually spread to the entire house and cause discomfort. If you keep your drains clean, your home will continue smelling fresh!

No Slow Flow!

A slow-flowing drain can be a nuisance. Who has the time to wait around for the water to disappear down the pipes? One significant benefit of drain cleaning is that your water flow will get speedy and efficient.

Keep Your Home Healthy

The microorganisms that buildup in your drains can lead to numerous diseases as they make their way into your food or water. Keep your family healthy by cleaning your drains regularly and protect your family from infections, illnesses, or other health complications.

Save Money on the Long Run

If you get your drains cleaned at the very first signs of a clog, it will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run! Clogs can cause leaks or bursts, which can end up requiring pipe replacement. With timely drain cleaning, your pipes will remain healthy, increasing their lifespan considerably.

Which Drain Cleaner to Use?

We at Air Mechanical, Inc. suggest that you do not even consider using chemical drain cleaners. These will cause damage and corrosion in both plastic and metal pipes by producing heat and fumes.

Chemical drain cleaners are readily available at local convenience stores, but these cause more problems in the long run. They will do more harm than good to your drains and end up damaging your entire plumbing system. They are also dangerous for the environment and harm ecosystems.

Other forms of drain cleaning like hydro jetting or snaking are costly and require professional plumbing services. We suggest a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option: Bio Clean.

Why Bio-Clean?

Bio Clean is made up of 100% natural, environmentally-friendly bacteria and enzymes. It will not create any harsh fumes or smells that might be a health hazard or a safety risk. Bio Clean changes the waste in your pipes into water, CO2 and, mineral ash, all of which flow down your drain harmlessly.

Bio Clean will also continue to eat the organic buildup in your pipes long after you have used it once.

How to Use Bio Clean

Bio Clean is extremely easy to use. You just have to mix a teaspoon of Bio Clean in a cup of lukewarm water and pour it down the drain. It is important that you do not use the sink for 4-5 hours and allow the bacteria and enzymes to attach to the blockage. It is best to use Bio Clean before you go to bed so that it has plenty of time to get to work.

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