Why Is My Kitchen Plumbing Gurgling?

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Your kitchen sink probably gets the most use of any sink in your home. Add to that the amount of work that your garbage disposal does, and you have an area in your home where the plumbing receives a great deal of stress that can lead to repair needs. If your kitchen’s plumbing develops trouble, it can turn into a major nuisance, so it’s important to pay attention to warning signs that something may be awry. One of the common warning signs of plumbing problems is the sound of gurgling coming from your kitchen sinks. We’ll look at the two main reasons this might happen. Get your kitchen’s plumbing in Oak Grove, MN fixed as soon as you can: contact the kitchen experts at Air Mechanical, Inc. We handle everything from clogs to complete kitchen remodeling.

Food Clogs

Sink gurgling might happen because food debris from the disposal has gotten down into the piping and created a partial clog, trapping air. When water washes into the sink, air gets released and bubbles up through the water, producing the gurgling noise. Even if water still flows unobstructed down the kitchen drainpipe, a developing clog needs attention because it will soon turn into a full clog. Don’t pour liquid drain cleaner down into the pipes; that can cause further damage. Seek the help of a plumber to get your drains cleaned. You can help prevent these clogs in the future if you remember that disposals aren’t indestructible machines that can handle anything thrown into them. If it’s something you can’t chew with your teeth, then it shouldn’t go down the disposal. Also, do not pour hot oil, fat, or grease down either the kitchen sink or the disposal; when the liquid cools off, it will congeal into a waxy plug that will stop up the pipes.

Blocked Vent Pipes

The gurgling may also happen because of blocked vent pipes. These vent pipes are attached to your drainpipes to allow the safe escape of sewer gas. These pipes usually run up to the roof, and if they become blocked with dirt, animal nests, or other debris, it might cause sewer gas to push up through your drain pipes. Don’t go onto the roof of your house and troubleshoot this (it might not even be the problem). Get a professional plumber.

Call in the Experts

Plumbing is a part of home repair that people often think they can tackle on their own using only a box of wrenches, a plunger, and a bottle of cleaner. But the sound of gurgling from kitchen plumbing signals issues beyond what you should attempt on your own. Your drains need extensive cleaning or your vents require inspection, and these jobs call for plumbers with experience. Air Mechanical, Inc. has delivered high quality plumbing to Oak Grove, MN since 1985. We are a trusted name in home service, so contact us day or night when you need help with kitchen plumbing problems.

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