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3 Common Sink Repairs

Your kitchen sink sees a lot of action: dirty dishes, dirty pans from cooking, basic washing and drying. With this much work, you likely have to make some kind of repairs at some point. Because of the type of use your kitchen plumbing sees, there are a few common problems that occur fairly regularly with kitchen plumbing.

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Why Is My Kitchen Plumbing Gurgling?

Your kitchen sink probably gets the most use of any sink in your home. Add to that the amount of work that your garbage disposal does, and you have an area in your home where the plumbing receives a great deal of stress that can lead to repair needs. If your kitchen’s plumbing develops trouble, it can turn into a major nuisance, so it’s important to pay attention to warning signs that something may be awry. One of the common warning signs of plumbing problems is the sound of gurgling coming from your kitchen sinks. We’ll look at the two main reasons this might happen.

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