Why You Should Consider Installing a Grease Trap for Your Kitchen Plumbing

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You may have heard the important piece of kitchen maintenance advice: “don’t pour oil, fat, or grease down your drains.” It’s good advice, and will prevent clogging and water pressure increases. However, there is no way to stop all grease from going down a kitchen drain, and because of that, you should consider installing a grease trap. Air Mechanical, Inc. handles grease trap installation and other kitchen plumbing services in Blaine, MN. If you are having problems with frequent kitchen drain clogs, call us today to learn more about how we can help.

What is a grease trap?

Grease traps, also known as “grease interceptors,” are point-of-use units that are attached to the plumbing under kitchen sinks. There are much larger grease traps that are used in restaurants (in many regions, restaurants are legally required to have them) to take care of the enormous amount of grease that goes down the wastewater drains and can potentially clog septic tanks and sewer systems. The smaller units for residential kitchens are essentially tanks that are the first spot that wastewater from the kitchen flows through before reaching the septic tank. These tanks separate fat, oil, and grease from the water. Some of the new grease traps use bacteria to break down the organic waste material caught in the trap, which reduces how often the homeowner must empty it.

How will a grease trap benefit me?

It will benefit you the same way it benefits restaurants: reducing the amount of damage and clogging that fat, oil, and grease can cause to your plumbing and septic tank. As these liquids dry inside plumbing, they turn into waxy solids that will build up along pipes and begin to restrict water flow. They can also ruin septic tanks and require expensive repairs. Although you are not legally required to install a grease trap in your kitchen the way restaurants are, it will provide you with much cleaner plumbing.

How do I install a grease trap?

The easiest way to put a grease trap into your kitchen plumbing is to contact a reliable plumber to do the job for you. Grease trap installation is a tricky task if you don’t have training or know the right kind of trap to put in, but for a trained plumber it is a simple job. If you want a grease trap installed, contact Air Mechanical, Inc. and talk to our experts in kitchen plumbing in Blaine, MN.

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