Beware These Repair Needs When Starting Up Your AC

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white question mark on blue backgroundWhy should you beware repair needs before you’ve even turned on your air conditioner for the season? Well, if you haven’t had maintenance on it, that’s a big reason right there. Preventive maintenance is called such for a reason—it helps prevent the biggest and costliest of repair needs. During maintenance, our highly trained and experienced staff takes a thorough look at each and every component of your cooling system. We make adjustments as needed, and notify you of any need for AC repair in Columbus, MN at this time so you can get it on your schedule right away. But again, if you skip maintenance, then you shouldn’t be surprised by any of the following repairs when starting up your AC for the summer.

Refrigerant Leak

If there’s any myth we want to debunk more than others it’s this one—that refrigerant is something that needs to be refilled on a regular basis. Refilling refrigerant (what you hear our HVAC technicians call “recharging) is something that only needs to be done if you have a leak in the system. The leak must be located and repaired, and ideally, the amount of refrigerant that was in your system upon installation should last its entire service life. Refrigerant leaks lead to a loss of cooling, a frozen evaporator coil, and other component damages in your air conditioning unit.

Low Airflow Due to Clogged Air Filter

The thing about air filters is that they can (and should) be changed by the homeowner. It’s a relatively simple task, but one that many people look over. This should be done every 1-3 months, depending on the level of contaminants in your home and depending on what kind of air filter you have. Remember, while the air filter that comes standard with your HVAC system does help with indoor air quality a bit, it’s actual purpose is to protect the inside components of your HVAC system from dirt and debris that can impact its functionality.

Age-Related Repair Needs

Even with diligent professional maintenance, no air conditioner is going to last forever! Your cooling system accumulates natural wear and tear over time, eventually to the point that repairs will only last so long before you have to call for repairs again. If your AC system is older than a decade, and you find yourself calling for repairs every few months, it’s probably more economically feasible for you to replace the system rather than go for another repair.

More Tips on AC Care

With proper maintenance, you can potentially prevent or at least delay repair needs for your cooling system. In the long run, keeping up with maintenance helps your system work more efficiently, and therefore helps you save money. This isn’t the only way to boost efficiency, though! Read on for a few more tips on improving AC efficiency:
  • Ensure your thermostat is functioning and reading the temperature in your home correctly.
  • Upgrade your thermostat to a programmable model.
  • Have your ducts checked, and sealed or repaired to ensure no conditioned air is escaping.
  • Improve your home’s insulation to reduce heat gain from the outdoors.
  • Limit the use of heat-producing appliances during the hottest parts of the day.

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