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Why Replacing Your Boiler May Be Worthwhile

Friday, January 31st, 2014

The boiler is one of the two great workhorses of the home heating world. (The other one is the furnace.) They have stayed around for so long because… well, they have the ability to stay around for a long time. Boilers have a longevity that few heating systems can match, and they need fewer repairs than furnaces or heat pumps do because they have fewer mechanical parts. With proper maintenance done annually, a boiler can last over 20 years.

But at some point, your boiler in Ramsey, MN will require replacement. Here are some reasons that you might consider doing this. Call Air Mechanical, Inc. to help you make the decision, and to receive a quality installation for your new boiler.

Reasons to replace your boiler

  • The current one is losing energy efficiency: Take a look over your heating bills for the last two years. Has the cost of heating your home gradually risen? If you have kept up with regular maintenance and whatever repairs are necessary, this rise in heating costs is probably because your boiler has aged to the point that it is no longer energy-efficient and must work harder to reach its former level.
  • You want to take advantage of newer, high-efficiency boilers: During the time you’ve lived with your current boiler, many new advances in HVAC technology have increased boiler efficiency. New boiler models use more effective heat exchangers to rapidly transfer the heat from the combustion gas to the tank, resulting in reduced heat loss. You could save around 10% from your annual bills with the switch to a newer model.
  • You wish to avoid an abrupt break down: In general, you want to “pre-emptively” replace an aging boiler, not wait for it to permanently break down and leave you in the cold. You can arrange for the new installation during a more convenient, preferably warmer, time.

You may also consider replacing your boiler with a different type of system: radiant heating, which also uses hydronic power, is an attractive alternative. Consult with your installation technicians for advice about how best to proceed with new heating for your home.

When you decide to replace your boiler in Ramsey, MN, make your first call to Air Mechanical, Inc. Make sure that you enroll in our maintenance program as well so your new boiler lasts as long as your old one. Since 1985, Air Mechanical, Inc. has been a top choice for heating, cooling, and plumbing in the 7-county Metro Area.

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Why You Should Consider Installing a Grease Trap for Your Kitchen Plumbing

Friday, January 24th, 2014

You may have heard the important piece of kitchen maintenance advice: “don’t pour oil, fat, or grease down your drains.” It’s good advice, and will prevent clogging and water pressure increases. However, there is no way to stop all grease from going down a kitchen drain, and because of that, you should consider installing a grease trap.

Air Mechanical, Inc. handles grease trap installation and other kitchen plumbing services in Blaine, MN. If you are having problems with frequent kitchen drain clogs, call us today to learn more about how we can help.

What is a grease trap?

Grease traps, also known as “grease interceptors,” are point-of-use units that are attached to the plumbing under kitchen sinks. There are much larger grease traps that are used in restaurants (in many regions, restaurants are legally required to have them) to take care of the enormous amount of grease that goes down the wastewater drains and can potentially clog septic tanks and sewer systems. The smaller units for residential kitchens are essentially tanks that are the first spot that wastewater from the kitchen flows through before reaching the septic tank. These tanks separate fat, oil, and grease from the water. Some of the new grease traps use bacteria to break down the organic waste material caught in the trap, which reduces how often the homeowner must empty it.

How will a grease trap benefit me?

It will benefit you the same way it benefits restaurants: reducing the amount of damage and clogging that fat, oil, and grease can cause to your plumbing and septic tank. As these liquids dry inside plumbing, they turn into waxy solids that will build up along pipes and begin to restrict water flow. They can also ruin septic tanks and require expensive repairs. Although you are not legally required to install a grease trap in your kitchen the way restaurants are, it will provide you with much cleaner plumbing.

How do I install a grease trap?

The easiest way to put a grease trap into your kitchen plumbing is to contact a reliable plumber to do the job for you. Grease trap installation is a tricky task if you don’t have training or know the right kind of trap to put in, but for a trained plumber it is a simple job.

If you want a grease trap installed, contact Air Mechanical, Inc. and talk to our experts in kitchen plumbing in Blaine, MN.

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Is Duct Cleaning Really Worth the Investment?

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Do you know how well-sealed your home is from the outside air? If you live in a house built within the last three decades, it is likely a closed environment designed to trap heat indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer. This is helpful in keeping your energy bills in check, but it also leads to another concern: dust and dirt contained inside your home with no easy outlet.

But you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to reduce the dust in your home. One of the best ways to make sure you have clean air and a clean house is to have your air ducts receive regular professional cleaning. You may think this sounds like a minor issue, but having duct cleaning done in Oak Grove, MN brings many benefits. We’ll explain why scheduling cleaning is a good investment.

For high-quality professional duct cleaning service, call Air Mechanical, Inc. today.

Here are some advantages of duct cleaning:

  • Better heating and cooling efficiency: When your ducts are heavily congested with debris, it increases the resistance on the airflow from your HVAC system. Your heater and air conditioning will have to strain to reach their target temperature level, and it will result in an increase in your energy bills. If the ducts become too dirty, the dust and other contaminants can enter the cabinet of your HVAC system and damage it, further cutting into efficiency and leading to the need for repairs.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Poor indoor air quality is one of the major health concerns in the United States today, according to the EPA. Pollutants in your ducts will contribute to lowering the quality of the air in your house, which can lead to dry skin, irritated eyes, breathing difficulties, and an increase in the spread of the flu and common cold. Cleaning your ducts will alleviate all of these problems and give you fresher air.
  • A cleaner home: The dusty air sent out from the vents won’t only get into your lungs; it will also get all over the floors and furnishings. If you have noticed an increase in dirt and dust in your home, and no amount of cleaning seems to get rid of it for long, the source may be dirty ductwork.

Does a cleaner, healthier, and more energy economical home sound like a good investment? We think you’ll answer “yes.” If so, then scheduling duct cleaning for your home is absolutely a worthwhile investment. In Oak Grove, MN, the duct cleaning experts at Air Mechanical, Inc. are ready to help you get better indoor air and better heating and cooling performance. Call us today to get started.

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Why a Boiler Might Be Your Best Choice for Heating Your Home

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Winter has arrived, and if the time has come to update your home heating system, you’ll want the most effective and efficient heater possible. This is a basic fact of life in Minnesota; we can’t settle for second best when it comes to keeping warm during the heavy cold season.

We’d like to suggest that you consider a boiler for your heating this winter—and many winters to come. You might think boilers sound a bit old-fashioned (although they are younger than furnaces), but there are many advantages they offer to homeowners that should push them to near the top of your list for heating options. We’ll tell you about a few.

When you want to have boiler installation in Blaine, MN, contact our technicians at Air Mechanical, Inc. and find out about your options. We’ve installed boilers since 1985.

The benefits of a boiler

  • Fewer repair needs: Boilers do not have the same number of mechanical moving parts as other systems, such as furnaces and heat pumps. Because of this, they have fewer parts that will wear down and require repair or replacement. As long as you provide your boiler with regular maintenance, you should experience few problems with it during its lifetime.
  • Extended lifetime: Speaking of which… boilers can outlast most heating systems because of their resistance to wear and tear. It’s not surprising to have a boiler warm up a whole generation growing up in a home.
  • Quiet operation: No more noisy furnaces roaring to life; the hydronic power of a boiler is nearly silent.
  • Low-cost installation: Aside from the savings you’ll receive from reduced repairs and an enhanced lifespan, boilers will save you money because their initial installation costs are low compared to many other systems.
  • Better air quality: Since boilers use heat radiating off objects to warm up rooms instead of air forced through vents, they provide heat without contamination. They are especially beneficial for households with people who have allergies.

Have professionals install your boiler

If you think a boiler is the way to go for your home heating, call professional installers. They can determine if a boiler is indeed the best choice, and then install it so it will provide years of trouble-free warmth. Make your first call to Air Mechanical, Inc., where our years of experience will give you a great boiler installation in Blaine, MN.

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