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How Does Duct Cleaning Save Me Money?

You should schedule professional duct cleaning for your ventilation system every one or two years, depending on how rapidly your system gathers dust and other pollutants. A team of duct cleaning specialists will come to your home and use power...

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What Is a SEER Rating?

As intricate electro-mechanical devices, air conditioning systems come with a lengthy list of technical specifications. Most of these are unimportant for you to know as a consumer; trust to the expertise of your professional installers...

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Common Kitchen Plumbing Repair Issues

Considering the amount of water that flows into and out of a kitchen on a daily basis, it’s surprising that the plumbing there doesn’t need more repairs than it does. However, modern kitchen plumbing is designed to endure a great deal of stress, and proper cleaning...

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3 Problems with Gas Piping That Require Repair

Gas piping is used with your furnace, hot water heater and similar appliances, bringing natural gas into your home to provide fuel for heating. Gas piping in Spring Lake Park is very common, and usually quite reliable to boot. But like any other appliance...

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