Common Kitchen Plumbing Repair Issues

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Considering the amount of water that flows into and out of a kitchen on a daily basis, it’s surprising that the plumbing there doesn’t require more repairs than it does. However, modern kitchen plumbing is designed to endure a great deal of stress, and proper cleaning helps keep away issues like clogged sinks and leaking pipes. But no kitchen can avoid repairs entirely. Because of this, we have decided to highlight a few of the common repair issues you may encounter in your home’s kitchen. When you need expert kitchen plumbing repair in Anoka, MN, call up the company with almost four decades of experience servicing the 7-County Metro area: Air Mechanical, Inc.

3 common repairs for kitchen plumbing

  • Eliminating clogs: Clogs occur in a kitchen more often than anywhere else in a house because of the amount of food that goes down the drains, which includes the major nemesis of pipes: liquid fat, oil, and grease (collectively known as F.O.G.), which turns into waxy solids that rapidly congest drainpipes. Although a sink plunger can handle basic clogs, when the build-up inside drainpipes reaches a level where clogs happen consistently, you’ll need professionals to clean out the drains. Also, never resort to the use of chemical drain cleaners, which can damage pipes and leave behind toxic residue.
  • Fixing broken garbage disposals: Kitchen disposals take plenty of abuse, and some of it is unnecessary. You should never put anything down a disposal that human teeth couldn’t chew. Chicken bones and unpopped popcorn kernels are major offenders, but people sometimes put actual “garbage” items like paper products into disposals. (Perhaps the “garbage” part of the name should be retired.) Disposals can clog or break because of these objects. You should never reach your hand into a disposal to attempt to fix a jammed flywheel or any other issue. Call professionals to handle these repairs, which could include fixing electrical problems.
  • Grease trap repairs: Not every kitchen has a grease trap to prevent F.O.G. contamination, although we definitely recommend installing one. But grease traps sometimes need repairs as well, especially if they don’t receive routine cleaning. If a grease trap starts causing a sink to back up, call for repairs.
Although there are some simple kitchen plumbing issues you can handle on your own (such as plungering away a simple clog), a trained plumber should take care of most problems so you’ll avoid accidental damage and leaking. Air Mechanical, Inc. can perform the kitchen plumbing repair in Anoka, MN that will restore your appliances, drains, faucets, and anything else that might encounter difficulty.

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