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How Ductless Air Conditioning Cools Your Home

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

All air conditioners rely on the same basic components to run, but only a select few can deliver air to your home without requiring the use of ducts. In many homes without ductwork, homeowners choose to install a ductwork system so they can take advantage of central air conditioning. However, in some older homes, this is not a possibility. And in some room additions or home extensions, this is impractical and unnecessary.

Ductless air conditioning is a popular alternative to central air conditioning with many benefits. These air conditioners are energy-efficient, operate with less noise than window air conditioners, and have built-in zone control so that the people in your home may choose to set the temperature at different levels in different areas of the home. But how can an air conditioner distribute air to your home without using any ducts?

Ductless air conditioning, like most conventional central AC systems, has two main components: the outdoor condenser unit and an indoor unit. However, unless you are cooling only one room, most ductless air conditioners have up to four indoor air handlers per outdoor unit. The only renovation to your home is a small hole drilled in the wall so that refrigerant can move through a line that runs to each unit.

Each indoor air handler contains a blower fan that sucks the air from an area of your home. The air is cooled by the evaporator coil, where refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas and removes heat from the air. The blower fan sends the now-cooled air into your home, and refrigerant then moves outdoors to release heat. The outside condenser unit of a ductless system contains the same components of any conventional system: the condenser unit, which changes refrigerant into a liquid as heat is transferred to the outside air, and the compressor, which compresses refrigerant into a higher-pressure liquid so that it can move indoors to repeat the process over again.

Ductless systems are an efficient source of cooling for any home that cannot easily accommodate central air conditioning.

When you need a professional to install, replace, repair, or maintain ductless air conditioning in Ham Lake, call the ductless experts at Air Mechanical, Inc.

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Reasons to Install a Honeywell WIFI Thermostat in Ham Lake

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Thermostats have always been an important tool by which to manage your indoor air comfort. With recent technological advances, they have also become important tools for energy efficiency. There have been a number of new types of thermostats to hit the market, but one that is truly advanced is the WIFI thermostat from Honeywell. If you want to achieve great energy efficiency with the comfort and convenience of smart technology, installing the Honeywell WIFI thermostat in your Ham Lake home may be the answer.

Benefits of a Honeywell WIFI Thermostat

There are multiple benefits to installing a Honeywell WIFI thermostat:

  • Control from anywhere – Honeywell’s reliable and highly-rated, free app allows you to program your thermostat from your computer, tablet and/or smartphone, whether you’re across the room or around the world
  • Easy setup – the WIFI smart thermostat’s easy setup guides you through a few basic questions to get your 7-day program up and running for immediate energy efficiency
  • Customizable color touchscreen – the bright, easy-to-read touchscreen can be color-customized to match your indoor decor
  • Built-in smart response – the thermostat learns your heating and cooling cycle times to deliver the right temperature when you want it
  • Advanced fan/comfort control – improves air circulation and helps regulate the temperature throughout your home
  • Auto alerts – extreme temperature alerts and filter change reminders are sent to your connected network devices and are also displayed on your Honeywell WIFI smart thermostat, so you’ll never miss an alert
  • Indoor humidity sensor – your indoor humidity is displayed right below the temperature
  • Locking touchscreen – advanced locking features and password options provide security and convenience
  • Compatible with heating, cooling and heat pumps
  • 1-Year Warranty

One item to note about this thermostat: it does not work with heat pumps with electric baseboard heat (120-240V).

Ready to Have the Best? Call Us!

A Honeywell WIFI thermostat in Ham Lake offers the best in thermostat technology for your home.

If you are looking for the comfort, convenience and energy savings a WIFI thermostat can offer, call Air Mechanical, Inc. today to learn more.

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Is a Whole House Dehumidifier Right for Me?

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes… and that also means it’s the land of high levels of water vapor in the air during the summer. Excess moisture in the air means more discomfort during the heat, water damage to your home, and spending extra money to run your air conditioner.

There are methods to reduce humidity in your home, but the most effective is to have a whole-house dehumidifier installed. This requires the work of professionals, who must select the right type of dehumidifier and the correct size, and then install it in your ventilation system so that it does the job it’s supposed to do.

If you are on the fence about whether whole-house dehumidifiers in Andover, MN are right for your home, call our indoor air quality specialists at Air Mechanical, Inc.

How a whole-house dehumidifier can benefit you

  • Greater comfort: High humidity makes it more difficult to release body heat through perspiration; the moisture in the air slows down the rate of sweat evaporation. This makes the air feel hotter than it actually is, and can make the summer days quite unpleasant. Balancing the humidity will make your home much more comfortable for the warm months.
  • Save money on air conditioning: Lowering humidity from 80% down to 50% will usually make you comfortable enough that you can reduce your use of the air conditioning system by a third. If you feel that you must keep the air conditioning running most days to combat the sweltering heat, then installing a whole-house dehumidifier will make a significant reduction in your cooling costs.
  • Stop mold, mildew, and wood rot: High moisture is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other biological growths that you do not want developing in your home. All of these growths can cause significant damage to wood and drywall. In addition, mold can release dangerous toxic spores that will harm your indoor air quality. Mold and mildew inside a home is often a major warning sign that you need to have humidity controls installed.

Call for professional assessment of humidity in your home

When you notice the signs of high humidity in your home, call Air Mechanical, Inc. and talk to one of our staff members knowledgeable about whole-house dehumidifiers in Andover, MN. An assessment of your home will help our team determine if you will benefit from a dehumidifier, and what type and size will do the right job. The process of selecting a unit is more complicated than your may think, and you will be thankful for the professional assistance of our technicians.

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How Excessive Dust Build-Up Can Lead to Air Conditioning Repair

Monday, July 7th, 2014

You clean your home as often as you can. Vacuuming the floors, cleaning the oven, dusting the shelves, and doing the laundry are all normal parts of your routine. But did you know there’s one component of your home that may cost you a lot if you don’t keep it clean? Your air conditioner needs attention too. If you are missing one important step in your cleaning routine—regularly changing air filters and scheduling maintenance—you may end up paying big for air conditioning repair.

One of the most common reasons air conditioners need repair, and one of the most preventable reasons, is excessive debris build-up. Your AC needs the proper conditions to operate efficiently, including a certain level of airflow throughout the system. If anything prohibits this airflow, your system will not operate as well as it should, and it could mean costly repairs in the future.

There are many ways that dust can affect your system. A couple of these include:

  • Dirty Air Filters: It may be easy to forget to change an air filter, but dirty air filters can lead to a whole host of problems. Airflow issues can the indoor evaporator coil to freeze, which could lead to a serious repair issue. Furthermore, the accumulation of debris in the ducts can lead to efficiency and performance issues.
  • Blocked Coils: Your system relies on an indoor and outdoor coil to remove heat from your home and release it outside. If either of these coils becomes blocked due to excessive dust build-up, your system may not be able to deliver cool air into your home, and your system may become overworked and could eventually fail.

To prevent issues caused by dirty air filters, you should clean or replace your filters once every month or so. To prevent any other problems caused by excessive dirt build-up, call an AC technician to look at your system during a once-a-year maintenance call to clean any dirty system components that could lead to problems.

If you need maintenance or air conditioning repair in White Bear Lake because your system has gotten a little too dusty lately, or for any other repair issue, call Air Mechanical, Inc. today!

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Denmark Also Celebrates the Fourth of July

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Maybe an elementary school teacher tried to trip you up with this test question: “Do other countries have a Fourth of July?” If the teacher had phrased the question as, “Do other countries celebrate the Fourth of July?” you would be less likely to slip up and answer “no.”

Except… and your teacher probably didn’t know this at the time… there is another country that celebrates the Fourth of July. They don’t celebrate a holiday that happens to fall on July 4 (there are quite a few of those spread across the globe), but the actually celebrate U.S. Independence Day.

That country is—Denmark.

Every July 4, in the Rebild Region in the north of Denmark, thousands of people gather in Rebild National Park to hold the largest Fourth of July celebration outside the U.S.A., an events known as Rebildfesten. This tradition has continued for over a hundred years now, starting in 1912. The origins of this unusual celebration is that in 1911 a ground of Danish Americans purchased the 140 acres of the parkland between the woods in Rold and the Lindenborg stream. The next year, they deeded the land to the Danish King and people of the country as a memorial to Danish Americans, under the condition that the place remain undeveloped, open to the public, and used to celebrate U.S. holidays. Today, the park also hosts a museum on the history of Danish immigrants to the U.S., housed inside a log cabin.

This display of solidarity with the U.S. is because of the country’s warm welcome of 300,000 Danish settlers who were among the earliest to migrate across the seas. The celebration continues as sign of the long friendship between the two nations.

Since its inception, the celebration has hosted famous speakers such as the members of the Danish royal family (the queen and princess both attended for the 100th anniversary), Walt Disney, Keith Carradine, and Richard Chamberlain. The festivities actually start two days earlier, but on the fourth is when the major parade is held (which marches over 3 miles from the train station) and the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra performs a selections of music from both countries.

Although we doubt you will be celebrating your Fourth of July in Denmark this year, we at Air Mechanical hope you have a fantastic Independence Day.

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