3 Ways to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

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Winter is finally gone, and for residents of Andover, MN, it couldn’t happen quickly enough. But even as we enjoy the warm spring weather, summer isn’t far away, bringing high temperatures and Minnesota’s patented humidity in its wake. Now is the time to get ready for it, when the weather is still cool and you have the luxury of making any preparations according to your schedule rather than scrambling to stay ahead of the next heat wave. Here are 3 ways to prepare your air conditioner for summer: helping you stay cool and comfortable while cutting down on those expensive bills.

1.    Schedule a Maintenance Session

Air conditioning maintenance sessions are designed to find and correct any little problems in your air conditioner: loose bolts, low refrigerant and the like. In addition to helping it perform more efficiently during the summer, it helps identify big problems while they’re still small, letting you address them before they cause a breakdown on a 100-degree day.

2.    Install a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air, which not only makes your home feel more comfortable but reduces strain on the air conditioner as well. Considering how humid our summers get, it’s almost as necessary as an air conditioner itself.

3.    Upgrade your Thermostat

Thermostats give you control over the air temperature, and an upgrade could improve its precision and accuracy. Programmable models let you turn the air on and off at set times, and many now let you use apps to adjust the controls from work or school. You might also consider moving your thermostat to a new location if it’s being affected by drafts or sunny spots. If you want to cut into your cooling bills this summer, then call the experts at Air Mechanical to help. We can give you a list of your options and adjust or upgrade your system to make it run as efficiently as it can!

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