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If there’s anything you don’t want to impact your business or commercial space, it’s a potentially harmful electrical problem. Fortunately, when you have our team on your side, you’re working with technicians who take pride in the ability to serve you with a wide range of commercial electrical products and services. We’ll ensure your electrical system is appropriately installed, or if you have one already in place that is suffering, we’ll get it repaired.

No matter what type of business you run, we understand that electricity is an essential component. Many individuals often take electricity for granted—until the power goes out! At Air Mechanical, Inc., we provide a full range of electrical products and services, from smart lighting and home automation to wiring, ceiling fans, switches and outlets, and surge protection. Contact us today for an appointment!

Air Mechanical, Inc. is here to meet all the mechanical needs of your business or commercial space. Reach out today for safe and effective commercial electrical services.



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Why You Need a Professional Commercial Electrician

It’s vital that you hire a professional commercial electrician if you have any hopes of your business’s electrical system being safe, reliable, and efficient. Electricity is an essential feature of any commercial property, but it must be used carefully, and only be serviced by a trained professional.

Our commercial electricians will make sure that your wiring, panels, and other electrical equipment are all managed carefully.

Comprehensive Commercial Electrical Services

Our team of experts provides a wide variety of commercial electrical services. This means not only do we install and replace your electrical components, but we’ll also follow up with maintenance, and take care of your commercial electrical repair needs whenever they crop up—we even provide 24/7 emergency services! Read on to learn more about what we offer.

  • Electrical installation and repair: Whether it’s new wiring, an HVAC system, or something seemingly simply as switch plate, it’s never a bad idea to hire a highly respected and experienced commercial electrician for the job. This will ensure an accurate job as well as ensuring the safety of your business or commercial building.
  • Electrical switches and outlets: Installing electrical switches and outlets may seem simple enough, but if you’re not aware of all the options or why a GFCI outlet may belong in an area you have an AFCI outlet, you need to contact a professional. We have expertise with standard outlets as well as USB outlets and smart lighting switches too.
  • Ceiling fans: Ceiling fans may seem like a minor electrical addition, but they can actually do your commercial space a lot of good. When you run them in combination with your forced-air cooling system, or run them in reverse with your forced-air heater, you help the air to be more evenly distributed. This means you’re using your HVAC system as efficiently as possible!
  • Electrical panels: Even in homes, the demands placed on electrical panels have increased exponentially in the past decade. Think about the demands you place on the electrical system of your commercial space or business. Do you think it might be too much? The only way to know for sure is to have a commercial electrician inspect it and make appropriate recommendations from there.
  • Surge protection: Not many individuals realize this, but lightning storms aren’t the only cause of power surges. In fact, it’s a lot more common for appliances and other electronic equipment to cause power surges. Contact us today to see what your surge protection options are.
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detector: Carbon monoxide is a harmful and dangerous byproduct of gas-powered heating systems. If your heater is in good shape, you likely have nothing to worry about. But an expertly installed carbon monoxide detector will give you the peace of mind that your business is safe. Both carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are required by law in many jurisdictions around the Twin Cities area.
    • Generators: The power rarely goes out at a convenient time. Do you have appropriate backup for your commercial space or business? A whole-building generator, or multiple generators depending on the size and purpose of your commercial space, will help you avoid a business interruption in the case of an outage.

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