Boiler Repair & Installation Services In Minneapolis

Serving the Twin Cities Metro and Surrounding Areas

When you need boiler repair in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, call Air Mechanical. Our staff has years of training and field experience with all facets of boiler service including installation, maintenance, repair and replacement. Whether you need a brand new boiler for your newly constructed home or your existing boiler is not working as efficiently as it once did, Air Mechanical is here with the solutions you need.

Contact us for professional boiler service and see why Air Mechanical is regarded as such a trustworthy, dependable boiler service option.


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Boiler Installation and Replacement

Boilers are a great home heating option, but your boiler can only function as effectively and efficiently as it was designed to if it is properly installed by capable, professional hands. When you require boiler installation service in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, those hands belong to the technicians at Air Mechanical. For years we have been installing boilers of all makes, models and sized throughout the area. Give us a call today to learn about how we can assist you with the boiler purchase and installation processes. We’ll have your home comfortably and efficiently heated by a new installed boiler in no time.

When your existing boiler is no longer able to effectively heat your home, let Air Mechanical know. We’ll find the right replacement model suited to your home and personal needs. With a brand new replacement boiler you can enjoy the benefits that newer, more efficient boilers have to offer, so call Air Mechanical today with any questions you have about boiler replacement service in Minneapolis.

Boiler Maintenance and Repair Service

To keep your boiler working as efficiently as possible for as long as possible regular maintenance is mandatory. Let Air Mechanical provide all of your boiler maintenance service. With yearly boiler inspections we’ll ensure that your unit is operating at optimal performance and efficiency levels and that it will perform when you need it to. Regular maintenance will also give our skilled boiler technicians the chance to discover, evaluate and resolve any problems with your boiler before they can worsen and cause damage resulting in costly repairs.

Of course, even with regular maintenance your boiler is going to require some sort of repair service eventually. If you notice irregularities in your boiler’s operation, including cold spots, inconsistent heating, strange noises and smells or a steep increase in utility costs, call for professional help right away. All of these occurrences could be signs that your boiler is in need of professional boiler repair in Minneapolis. Air Mechanical will thoroughly inspect and repair your system to make sure that there is as little damage as possible and that your home is inconvenienced as briefly as possible.

When You Need Boiler Service Call us for Help

There is no big secret as to why Air Mechanical is such a popular, trusted boiler service company in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Our work speaks for itself. We provide dependable, high quality customer and technical service because our customers and their comfort are our #1 priority. Let Air Mechanical help keep your home comfortable and your boiler operating smoothly. Call today to schedule a boiler tune-up or any heating service today.


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