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It makes no difference how powerful or efficient your new air conditioner is, if it’s not properly sized, fitted, and installed by an experienced and highly trained team. If you want the optimal performance from your air conditioner that you deserve, you should trust the dependable and professionals at Air Mechanical, Inc., for full air conditioning installation in Minneapolis.

Whether you’re purchasing a central air conditioner for the very first time or replacing an outdated or degrading cooling system, we’re the team you can trust. We’ll help you make an educated decision and be sure to share all your options with you, from ductless systems and heat pumps to geothermal heating and cooling.

Air Mechanical, Inc. is your complete home services team. For air conditioning installation and replacement to last “For the life of your home,” contact us today!


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Why Professional Installation Matters

When dealing with a whole–house air conditioning system there is a lot more to consider than just where it’s going. Is the system properly sized and fitted for your specific home and needs? Sizing is more than just assessing the square footage, our professionals do a calculation depending on the number of windows and doors in your home, the type of insulation you have in your home, and even how high your ceilings are.

Is your air conditioning system going to be using ductwork to distribute conditioned air? If so, those ducts must be properly sized and professionally designed for optimal air flow. Correct air pressure must be calculated and provided, and the ducts must be properly sealed, connected and insulated to minimize potential energy loss associated with poorly designed and installed ductwork.

Your Cooling System Options

There are a number of options to choose from when selecting a new central air conditioner. For instance, if you already have a traditional central air conditioner, you may want to stick with an upgraded version of the same system. However, even if you’re looking into air conditioning replacement, this isn’t your only option.

You’d do well to consider a zone control system to split your home into different heating and cooling areas, or take it a step further with heat pump system that can be used for both heating and cooling throughout your Minneapolis home. Heat pumps do not consume fuel to create energy, but rather transfer existing heat from the air, or ground if you’re considering a geothermal system installation.

Call Our Team for Your AC Installation or Replacement

Modern air conditioners are able to give you the cooling power you need teamed with the energy efficiency you want. When you’re looking for a new air conditioner for installation in your Minneapolis home, consider the energy efficiency rating it has earned. Even standard cooling options such as central forced air systems have made great improvements in the energy efficiency with which they operate. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, ask our team about sustainable home cooling options such as geothermal heat pumps.

Rather than consume a fuel such as electricity or gas to cool air, geothermal heat pumps transfer warm air out of your home. These innovative devices not only help keep you comfortable but can also potentially save you money in decreased cooling costs while doing so. Call us to learn more and to get help making an educated decision about what air conditioner is best for your household.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does AC installation take?

The amount of time your installation will take depends on a number of factors. These include the complexity of your HVAC system, how accessible the site is, and the experience of the technician. However, the general rule of thumb is that a typical professional air conditioner installation can take between four and eight hours. When you choose Air Mechanical as your AC installation contractor, you can count on prompt, professional service so you can start enjoying a more comfortable home as soon as possible.

How much does a new AC unit cost?

There is no standard price for a new air conditioner, and it’s important to note that the price of the unit itself does not include the cost of installation. Even though it may represent a significant investment on your part, new air conditioner unit installation will be well worth it because you and your family will be able to beat the heat and enjoy year-round comfort in your home no matter how high the mercury rises.

When should I replace my AC unit?

The average AC unit lasts between 15 and 20 years. This depends on how often it is used, whether it receives regular maintenance and the effect of the elements on it. In addition, sudden increases in your electric bill, hot spots in your house and frequent breakdowns are all signs you might need to call professionals for AC installation service. Replacing your unit will be worth it in the long run, especially if you’ve been calling for costly repairs on a regular basis.

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