Choose Whole-Home Air Cleaners over Portable Models

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Are you still relying on a portable air cleaner for your indoor air quality control? Unfortunately, the air filter of your air conditioning and heating system may not be enough to clean the air in your home. So to combat allergies and asthma symptoms, many homeowners choose to purchase air cleaning systems in order to keep the air free of more contaminants. Most of these can only remove particles from the air in a single room, and even then only from the air immediately around the area of the system. But when you choose a whole-home air purifier, you get filtration throughout the entire house, so that everyone has a chance to stay a little bit healthier. There are many reasons to choose a whole-home indoor air quality system rather than a portable point-of-use unit. Whole-home air cleaners work with your HVAC system in order to filter out contaminants. No more worries about forgetting to turn on the air cleaner; many can be programmed to run with your heating and air conditioning system, while others simply run at all times (without using too much energy). A quality whole-home air cleaner can even keep microorganisms—some of the most harmful contaminants—out of the air completely. Bacteria, mold and viruses are killed instantly with the help of UV lights and sterilized so that they are no longer a threat to your daily life. Whole-home air cleaners are great for nearly any household. But they are best suited for those with allergies, asthma, other respiratory issues or an immune disorder. Whole-home air cleaners can reduce the number of illnesses in your home each year, removing the smallest particles and bioaerosols that do the most damage to your immune system. Call the friendly professionals at Air Mechanical, Inc. for air cleaner installation in Andover, MN. We will make sure that your new system is properly secured in the ducts to keep everyone a little healthier.

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