How Heat Pumps Provide Cooling in your Home

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Heat pumps are a great way to get efficient cooling in your home. Here at Air Mechanical Inc we offer complete Blaine, MN heat pump repair, installation and maintenance services for all different kinds of heat pumps. We wanted to help our customers be able to recognize when they need repairs by putting together a quick explanation of how a heat pump producing cooling for your home.

How Heat Pumps Work

If you’ve ever used a can of compressed air to dust your computer then you’ve likely noticed how the outside of the can gets cold. This is because as you release gas from the can, the remaining gas in the can has to expand in order to fill the space left. In order to expand, the gas sucks in heat energy from the space around it. Your heat pump uses the exact same principle of physics to cool your home except that they use a compressed refrigerant. Your heat pump has two units: an indoor unit and an outdoor one. In the outdoor unit is a compressor that compresses the refrigerant. It then circulates that compressed refrigerant inside to the evaporator coil where the refrigerant gets released. A fan inside the unit blows warm air over the cool coils and absorbs heat out of the air. The cool air gets pushed through into your home and the refrigerant continues to the outdoor unit once again where the heat is exhausted. If you’re interested in Blaine, MN heat pump installation or if your current system isn’t working well, the experts at Air Mechanical can help you with any services that you need.

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