Is a Central Air Conditioning System My Only Option for Replacement?

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When most people think about home air conditioning, they either imagine of a window unit (which is only effective for small apartments, and even then can struggle) or a central air conditioning system connected to a series of ducts that spread throughout a house. But is the central air conditioner the only option you have for cooling down your home in the summer? (We’re ignoring the window unit.) No, it’s not. There are two viable alternatives available to you that you can select for your air conditioning replacement in Blaine, MN for this summer: the heat pump and the ductless mini split. We’ll look into both so you’ll see the sort of choice you have. Air Mechanical, Inc. installs all types of comfort systems: central air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits. Call us for more information and the necessary installation work that will deliver you the best comfort option for your home.

The heat pump

Don’t let the word “heat” in the name trick you: heat pumps can produce cooling the equal of any air conditioner of comparable size. Heat pumps work in the exact same fashion as air conditioners, the movement of heat from one place to another. However, heat pumps have a significant advantage over air conditioners: they can reverse the direction that they send heat and bring warm air into your home. With only a simple adjustment, a heat pump changes from an AC into a heater. For year-round comfort, heat pumps are ideal solutions.

The ductless mini split

This is air conditioning that is still “central” in that it uses a single outdoor unit. But ductless systems do not have a single indoor unit connected to ducts. Instead they have separate blower units that are mounted in rooms and send conditioned air directly into the living spaces—no duct required. Without ducts that lose energy and pick up dust and dirt, ductless mini splits are more energy-efficient and cleaner than ducted air conditioners. Another major benefit is that they are also heat pumps, so you’ll receive great cooling and heating in one package. Both systems have fantastic advantages. But are they right for you? That depends on your home and your short and long-term budget plans. The best route is to consult with an HVAC installer who is familiar with all three types of cooling; he or she can analyze your home and take into account various important factors to help you make a final decision. Air Mechanical, Inc. has almost 30 years of history bringing quality air conditioning replacement to Blaine, MN. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding heat pumps, ductless systems, or central air conditioning. Call us today!

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