What Are the Benefits of Electric Furnaces?

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Furnaces come in a variety of types that use different energy sources. The earliest furnaces used wood and coal, and later propane and oil became popular. You can still find propane and oil furnaces warming homes today, but it’s likely that if you’re looking into getting a furnace, your choice will come down to either a natural gas or electric furnace. Natural gas furnaces are the most popular choice for contemporary homes, but electricity continues to gain ground as an option. Electric furnaces have a number of advantages you should consider as you shop for a new heating installation. If you are thinking of installing a furnace in Anoka, MN, you should seek the professional assistance of the NATE-certified technicians at Air Mechanical, Inc. We specialize in “Creating Custom Comfort,” and that means you will end up with a heater that is just right for you.

Electric furnaces: the benefits

  • No natural gas line required: If your home doesn’t have access to a natural gas line, you can still enjoy the benefits of a furnace by going electrical. Electricity is available almost everywhere in the U.S., so an electric furnace is always an option.
  • Low initial cost: Electric furnaces usually cost less to install than other heating choices. If you are on a tight budget, an electric furnace is an excellent way to save money upfront.
  • Safety: Although no heating system is 100% accident-proof, electrical furnaces do not have the potential hazard of toxic and combustible carbon monoxide leaks that gas furnaces and gas boilers do.
  • Efficiency: Electrical furnaces have made huge strides in efficient performance during the last two decades. Although gas usually costs less than electricity, the efficient performance of an electric furnace can make up for the difference, since you will need to use it less.
Although these advantages may make it sound as if an electric furnace is the choice for your home, keep in mind that every home offers different heating challenges. Perhaps an electric furnace isn’t the heater to meet that challenge. The best way to make an informed choice is to have an informed opinion: contact an HVAC specialist to find the best method to heat your home. Air Mechanical, Inc. has 25 years of experience delivering quality heating. If you think installing a furnace in Anoka, MN is your best choice for the winter, then come to us for all the assistance you’ll need.

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