Your Crash Course in Electrical Safety

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We can’t imagine the present-day lifestyle, its amenities, and comforts without electricity. However, its use comes with certain inherent hazards you can take care of by acquiring some basic information about electricity and electric appliances.

This post will walk you through all the important electric safety tips you should implement at your property.

Keep the Load on Outlets in Check

Using a single outlet to power many appliances is never a good idea. Overloading electric outlets can cause slight burns and sparks that can damage the plugged-in appliances and render the outlet socket useless. One best practice is to have separate electric points for every appliance. Our electricians in Maple Grove can lay a network of outlets for all your electric appliances so you can use them without causing any overload.

Keep Water Away from Electric Installments

Water and electricity are a bad combination due to the conductivity of the former. Make sure water doesn’t stand anywhere near electric appliances, switches, and cords. Similarly, avoid setting up electric appliances near water fixtures. Moreover, have your outdoor electric installations properly insulated to protect from an electric shock hazard during rains.

Avoid Extension Cords

Extension cords offer convenience when you have to quickly create an electric connection in any part of the house where there is no power outlet. However, avoid making it a permanent fixture in the house for these two reasons.

  • They create a trip hazard with all the wires lying on the floor
  • They can overheat when too many switches are plugged into it

If you constantly need an extension cord in any place in the house, you should have it replaced with an outlet.

Have Some Hazard Protection Measures for Children and Pets

The curiosity of pets and kids around electric wires, switches, sockets, and appliances can be risky. Be sure to keep tamper-resistant safety caps installed in any unused outlets that are within reach in your home.. Also, try to keep all the appliances at places where children can’t reach them. Also, do not use extension cords in areas where children and pets frequent.

Don’t Ignore Warm Outlets

If you notice that an outlet gets warm even without extended use, don’t ignore it. Call us to look into it. Loose wiring within the outlet can cause overheating, which is not good for the appliance, the outlet, the wiring, or your safety!.

With all these measures, also make sure your unused appliances remain unplugged. Lastly, allow for good ventilation for electric appliances to avoid their overheating and subsequent hazards and poor performance.

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