3 Signs You Need a New Water Treatment System

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It’s a new year, and it’s time for you to assess your home and figure out how to make some positive changes. A new water treatment system brings fresh, clean water to your whole home. Whether you are brushing your teeth or rinsing fruit, you know that the water coming from the tap is free of lead, bacteria, and other common water quality concerns. But is this really necessary for your home? Here are three signs it is worth considering this addition to your home.

#1: The water smells or tastes odd

No one should have to put up with water that is not up to standards. If your water supply suffers from contamination that lowers its quality and leaves you with a strange taste in your mouth, you might use a faucet filter or one that you keep in the refrigerator. But this is only of use at the kitchen sink. What about the water you brush your teeth with? Or the water you use to bathe? A whole-house water treatment system is simply the best solution. Make sure that none of the water in your home is contaminated with a filtration system that lasts and only requires occasional maintenance.

#2: You worry about your family’s health

This applies to everyone, but in particular it is important for people with compromised immune systems. There’s no reason to risk your family members’ health. You want to avoid chemicals and particulate in the water as much as possible, and there is a no better solution than a whole-home approach.

#3: You buy a lot of water bottles

If you currently regulate your water supply by drinking bottled water or calling a water delivery service, you’re wasting your time and money. You already have a source of water moving directly into your home, and it seems excessive to only drink water you’ve purchased. It’s much easier and more economical to use water filters or reverse osmosis for effective filtration of the water already flowing through your faucets.

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