Is It Time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

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two electricians working on large electrical panelOf the various issues that can impact your home, electrical problems are perhaps the most concerning, given the safety hazards they present. While a plumbing problem can inflict significant water damage or an HVAC issue can make you uncomfortable for a bit, an electrical malfunction can cause electrocution and even house fires. It’s essential that you have a professional Andover, MN electrician check the wiring in your home at least once every few years. Without this inspection, you’re increasing the chance of running into a problem. One of the most commonly neglected electrical issues is the need for an electrical panel upgrade. This may seem like a benign issue, but with the increased demand we’ve been placing on our electrical systems the past few years, it should come as no surprise that eventually, your circuit breaker box may not be able to handle the demand, and that’s where you run into potentially severe side effects. But what are the signs that you are, in fact, experiencing electrical problems?

Flickering Lights

No, this doesn’t mean your home is haunted, though that might make for a convenient excuse, right? The primary cause of flickering lights is typically due to a short circuit in the system. If it’s just one lamp or other small fixture, it could be that particular fixture is malfunctioning. However, if an entire section of your living space is impacted, then the short circuit is likely somewhere in the home and you have a bigger issue. If you find yourself experiencing this symptom frequently, then it’s highly recommended that you give our professionals a call ASAP.

Hot Spots

We’re talking about those instances that you put your hand on a light switch, or potentially even a random spot on the wall, to discover that it’s warm to the touch. Hot spots usually indicate points in the electrical system where current is flowing in a direction that it shouldn’t be. Electrical current that gets diverted to an area it’s not supposed to go throws off heat due to the excess energy. This excess heat is what you are feeling when you notice one of these hot spots. It’s an indication that you have a serious breach in the electrical system and that it could possibly cause a house fire. You don’t want to neglect this sign, so make sure you give our staff a call for immediate repairs upon this discovery.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

Your circuit breakers are designed to protect your home from power surges—though it bears mentioning that whole-home surge protection is an even more effective means of ensuring your home is comprehensively protected. When part of your home’s electrical system suddenly starts to carry voltage beyond safety limits, the circuit breaker trips and that part of the system is shut down until the problem is repaired. Oftentimes, a circuit breaker will trip because the circuit is overloaded. If possible, try unplugging a few things and putting them in different outlets that have less electrical demand. But it’s very likely that you’ll find the solution is to upgrade your electrical panel.

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