Why Isn’t My New Air Conditioner Operating Efficiently?

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You’ve just replaced that older outdated air conditioning system and you’re excited to have a unit that actually keeps you cool and runs efficiently. You set the thermostat to 77 degrees, you sit down on the couch, and you wait. And wait. Your new air conditioning system still doesn’t cool your home fast enough, which means higher energy bills for you. Why is this happening? And is there anything you can do?

Could the system be the wrong size?

Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Proper sizing is key to efficient operation. If a system is too small, it will take an awfully long time to cool your home, and it may not be able to at all. The system will run constantly, which uses up a lot of energy, and it may break down prematurely from all the extra use. A big system is also a big problem. If it’s too large, your air conditioner can short cycle—running frequently for short bursts. This, too, uses a lot of energy because it takes so much electricity to start up the system. You may have to replace your system much sooner than expected.

Is the air conditioner broken?

A quality contractor should check the air conditioner, and then double-check it at startup. However, it’s still possible that there can be an electrical malfunction or just a problem with the initial refrigerant measurement. Call your contractor to see what can be done.

Is the system under warranty?

It’s possible that your system is experiencing problems your technician could not have detected during an initial inspection and startup. In this case, especially if it’s an equipment malfunction, the problem might be covered under warranty. Check with your technician and with the manufacturer. But keep in mind that most warranties have a set of terms and conditions you must follow in order for it to be valid. If you had an amateur installer, or if you tried to install it on your own, you might not be covered. If your system is a couple years old, it might not be covered unless you’ve scheduled annual maintenance visits with qualified technicians. Call Air Mechanical, Inc. for air conditioning installation and service in Blaine, MN from people you can trust.

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